AWE2024 is Upon Us. Here's What to Expect

Source: AWE

AWE2024, a top tech event of the global household appliances and consumer electronics industry, is set to kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 14 and will center on the theme Smartize the Future. With an impressive 13 exhibition halls, this year’s AWE is expected to attract over a thousand leading players in household appliances and consumer electronics worldwide, as it promises to fully showcase the latest innovations in the industry and present a vision of smart life in the age of artificial intelligence, painting an even more inspiring blueprint of a scenario-specific smart life for consumers across the globe.



Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

AWE2024 sets the stage for the industry

AWE, one of the world’s top three exhibitions for household appliances and consumer electronics, has always been celebrated as a barometer of technological developments and market trends in the industry. During AWE2024, exhibitors will host nearly a hundred exciting events to unveil new products, technologies, and strategies. The new products, scenarios, and lifestyles showcased at AWE2024 will become the chief choices for consumers looking to upgrade their old gear. This is expected to help the industry drive the consumption of smart products, green solutions, and new scenarios, which will boost consumer confidence, promote innovation, and facilitate sustainable development.


Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

The application of technologies such as artificial intelligence in the field of household appliances and consumer electronics will be the highlight of AWE2024. The exhibition will present a selection of high-end, customized, integrated, and systematized smart appliances and scenario-based IoT solutions. During AWE2024, Haier Smart Home, along with brands including Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE APPLIANCES, Fisher & Paykel, and Sanyiniao, will impress visitors with the boundless smart-life experience that comes with their scenario-based solutions and innovative products for smart home showcased through a grand exhibition covering an entire hall. Huawei will unveil a smart immersive space covering more than 1,500 square meters as well as a future outdoors auto-home interconnection zone, to present its whole scenario tech products as well as interconnected future home experience. Hisense will showcase its latest technological achievements in the fields of laser television, ULED X flagship products, new displays, smart life solutions, and smart household appliances, as well as the company’s plans for areas including chips, automotive electronics, precision healthcare, smart cities, commercial displays, VR, and energy solutions. Meanwhile, TCL aims to captivate audiences with the marvels of a smart life brought by over 150 types of state-of-the-art tech products across 37 categories from its three core segments: TCL Industries, TCL CSOT, and TCL Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Technology (TZE). Bosch will continue to advocate sustainable consumption by showcasing its innovative green smart household appliances. Siemens will bring an entire range of smart household appliances to showcase their fine German designs and craftsmanship, as well as the greater conveniences brought by smart control technologies. At AWE2024, Panasonic will debut Panasonic Xtra, a sub-brand targeting Generation Z, along with solutions tailored for diverse kitchen scenarios and a series of high-end appliances. As a global leader in technology, Samsung will exhibit its industry-beating mobile phones, all-new televisions, household appliances, and gaming monitors to demonstrate the company’s latest progress in empowering a better life with AI. LG, a world-renowned home appliance company, is making a grand return to AWE2024 in years, as it will present products including portable televisions, OLED gaming monitors, efficient and energy-saving steam clothing care machines, and the Knock Knock refrigerators, bridging the gap between users and technology. Gree Electric Appliances will present consumers with a greener, healthier, and more comfortable home environment through a series of products including solar (wind) power, energy storage, central air conditioning, floor heating, outdoor air systems, whole-house appliances, healthy water, and smart home solutions.


Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee


Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

From cutting-edge AI smartphones to 8K ultra-high-definition TVs that promise a more entertaining experience, and from built-in refrigerators with seamless designs to customizable air conditioners that ensure optimal temperature and clean, fresh air, as well as smart kitchen appliances that spark boundless imagination for future living, AWE2024 will showcase innovative products and solutions tailored for all user groups and scenarios such as gaming, camping, pets, elder-oriented designs, and maternity and newborn care. All of these high-tech household appliances and consumer electronics exhibited at AWE ignite people’s imagination for a better future.

AWE, in collaboration with departments including Shanghai’s Pudong Committee of Commerce, will host the Pudong Home Appliance Festival 2024, with AWE2024 as the main venue. In addition, the AWE organizers will once again host the AWE Live Stream Night Show in collaboration with major streaming platforms including, Douyin, and Taobao on March 14. Moreover, AWE will designate March 16 as the AWE Consumer Day, inviting consumers from Shanghai to visit AWE for a new experience. The event has also partnered with top e-commerce platforms such as and Tmall to launch a range of events aimed at boosting consumption.



Photo selected from AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

The AWE Summit covering two top forums will be held concurrently by AWE. One of the key topics of the “AWE Summit 2024-Sustainability is the Future” forum is to discuss ways to streamline and improve the recycling system for household appliances and consumer electronics, and contribute to green, low-carbon, and sustainable industry development. The “AWE Summit 2024-Happiness Begins at Future Home” forum, on the other hand, will explore how the household appliances and consumer electronics industry can leverage cutting-edge technologies to create smart home experiences for consumers, and promote the consumption of green smart household appliances and scenario-based smart life solutions. Business leaders from companies such as Haier,, Panasonic, TCL, Huawei, Hisense, Fotile, BSH Home Appliances, and Taotian Group will deliver keynote speeches at the forums.



AWE’s expanding global influence

Backed by China’s robust household appliances and consumer electronics industry, AWE goes beyond the confines of the Chinese market and is marching toward other countries and regions, with a growing global influence. Recognized worldwide as a beacon guiding global trends in the household appliances and consumer electronics market and setting the direction of technological development, AWE has earned international acclaim.

Considering AWE’s expanding global influence, multinationals in the industry have invested more in AWE after the pandemic. A.O. Smith has returned to AWE after a four-year absence, while Samsung is bringing its entire product line to the AWE stage for the first time. LG has not only expanded its exhibition area to the largest in the company’s history but will also bring its global executive team to AWE. The chairman of the board of the BSH Home Appliances will lead the company’s global executive team to the exhibition. Hitachi Air Conditioning will be joining AWE for the first time in the name of its Japanese headquarter. Overseas organizations like the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEMA) will also attend AWE2024. The Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association, based in Hong Kong China, will lead 30 local household appliance firms to set up the Hong Kong Pavilion.

Global leaders in the industry from China such as Haier, Hisense, and TCL invite their global clients to the main venue. AWE is playing an increasingly important role as a bridge connecting resources and markets between China and the world.

To address the rising complexity, severity, and uncertainty of the external environment, the AWE organizing committee has specially invited Long Yongtu, China’s chief negotiator for WTO accession and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, to speak at the “AWE Summit 2024-Sustainability is the Future” forum, where he will provide insights into how the industry can overcome the bottlenecks of China’s dual circulations under the current international circumstances and better integrate into and serve the global market.

AWE offers a high-value platform for open collaboration

As the industry evolves, AWE has adapted to the latest developments. As a platform for showcasing and accelerating innovation, AWE has continued to shatter sectoral boundaries and endeavored to encompass all smart life scenarios, extending its reach to areas including smart entertainment, home, design, travel, healthcare, education, and more. Top players in semiconductor development and artificial intelligence like HiSilicon have also deepened their collaboration with AWE, turning the event into a platform for open collaboration that connects the household appliances and consumer electronics industry with other sectors.


Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

To promote the development of the ultra-high-definition audiovisual sector, AWE will co-host the AWE UHD Summit 2024 with the UHD World Association (UWA), ushering in a new era of digital entertainment. AWE will launch the Future Home Design - Co-Research Program of the Smart Home Paradigm jointly with partners including NetEase Home and NetEase Design, in addition to the Future Home Design - Smart Living Trend Release that will be hosted concurrently with AWE2024, to drive the full integration of scenario-based smart life solutions into home design. Other parallel events, including the AWE Award Ceremony 2024, the China Home Appliance Retail Innovation Summit 2024, and the China Vacuum Cleaning Appliance Industry Summit 2024, will focus on high-quality sustainable development from different angles to provide insightful views, empower technological innovation, and drive the industry’s robust growth.


Photo taken at AWE2023/provided by the AWE Organizing Committee

AWE has endeavored to foster stronger ties for the industry chain, as it continues to contribute to the launch of innovative products and smart life scenarios. In addition to clients invited by exhibitors, thousands of channel representatives from platforms like, Tmall, and top distributors will attend AWE2024 and promote the adoption of new products among consumers through on-site observation and business negotiations.

As a world-class industry expo, AWE offers immense value in boosting brand exposure for exhibitors and promoting new lifestyles. AWE will partner with CCTV-2 to broadcast the event live on the afternoon of March 16. The event will also be extensively covered by hundreds of well-known Chinese and international media outlets, including Xinhua Net,,, Sohu, and Cailian Press. During AWE2024, leading social media networks and online media platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Baidu, Zhihu, Weibo, and Tencent Video will be introducing green smart household appliances and scenario-based smart lifestyles through influencers streaming live at the event, as they deliver the concept of smart, green, comfortable, and healthy lifestyles to billions of consumers.

Jiang Feng, Executive President of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA), noted that AWE intends to collaborate with global partners to promote technological innovation and high-quality sustainable development in the household appliances and consumer electronics industry, helping global consumers lead a smart, healthy, comfortable, and green life.