The Appliance & electronics World Expo (AWE for short) is hosted by China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA).

As the largest home appliance and consumer electronics world expo in Asia and a top three in the world, AWE showcases innovative products and solutions from a wide range of fields including home appliances, consumer electronics, IoT, smart home, smart entertainment, AI and 5G. It brings together more than a thousand domestic and international brands, displays premium user experience scenarios, acts as a platform for business negotiations and technical strategy communications and provides to brands great publicity, diverse user groups, crossover communications and the attention from the capital market. It is a key platform that brings public attention and influence to the industry while empowers its exhibitors and partners.

What AWE delivers to the public is every possible scenario of a quality life as well as the latest technologies, products, services and the ecosystem behind it. What AWE advocates to the public is an attitude to pursue a safer, more convenient, more comfortable and healthier quality life based on an integrated industrial ecosystem that is inclusive, open, crossover and symbiotic.

Concurrent activities at AWE include AWE Summit, AWE Award Ceremony, China Household Electrical Appliance Industry Chain Conference, China New Retail Conference, etc. In 2021, AWE joined hands with leading live streaming platforms and e-commerce platforms to launch AWE Live Stream Night Show for the first time. With rounds of new product releases and the systematic display of full-line products at AWE, the show adopted a live-streaming mode to recommend cutting-edge home appliances and consumer electronic products in scenarios with the display booths as backgrounds in the night.

Now, AWE is more than a technical trend indicator. It is also a catwalk for premium smart appliances, a frontier of future technologies, a window to get a glimpse of one’s dream life, and a festival for global home appliance and consumer electronics industry. It showcases the innovations of the home appliance and consumer electronics industry, spurs the vitality of enterprises in innovation, advances industrial transformation and upgrade and the supply-side reform, while plays an important role in guiding consumers’ lifestyle and improving their life quality.

With fast development of the internet and information technology, AWE moves with the times to promote the integration of fields including home appliances, consumer electronics, IoT, smart home, mobile communication, real estate, AI and smart city to build a brand new industrial ecosystem with integrated resources that complement each other. At AWE, the achievements of home appliance and consumer electronics industry deeply integrated with technologies such as IoT, big data and AI are everywhere. Life scenarios such as living room, kitchen and bedroom are connected thanks to the self-learning, proactive service and human-machine interaction of products to offer smart home experience for visitors in scenarios such as video and audio entertainment, cooking, home security and fresh air ventilation. Besides, the application of future full-scenario smart home solutions from smart home, smart community to smart city allows for the presentation of an efficient, new urban lifestyle that is powered by big data, IoT and AI. With nearly a hundred press releases of product, technology and strategy launched on site by enterprises, visitors get an opportunity to feel the charm of the new blockbusters of the year.

With China’s large home appliance and consumer electronics market, AWE, with global vision and influence, will continue its openness and strengthen international cooperation to build a bridge between domestic and international industry players and consumers to benefit global consumers with tech-powered smart home solutions.