Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2021

Smartize the Future

March 11-14, 2021


Shanghai New International Expo Center

Pudong, Shanghai, China



As Asia’s largest andone of the top three international appliance and consumer electronics shows worldwide, AWE offers top-tier product experience scenarios, business opportunities, technology exchange platforms, advertising opportunities, diverse visitor groups, cross-border exchanges and close attention of capital market. With all eyes on AWE, the show empowers its brands and partners.

AWE was put on hold in 2020 due to covid-19. But all the waiting is for a safer, healthier and fruitful event next year.

Year 2021 is the first year of China's 14th Five-Year Planas well as the start ofAWE’s new decade. As a platform that displays and drives innovations, AWE has achieved numerous breakthroughs in scale, quality and global influence in the past 10 years. At the start of a new decade, AWE will move with the times and elevate itself into an ecosystem that is more innovative, more open and more inclusive.


Highlights 内核AWE

A Platform for Tech and Innovation融汇科技驱动创新

Ø  Traditional appliances aside, high-tech products have become mainstream at AWE too. Smart gadgets powered by next generation technologies including 5G, AI, cloud computing, mobile internet and VR are everywhere. 

Ø  Each year, more than a hundred enterprises choose to unveil their new products, latest strategies and leading technologies at AWE. AWE gives industry insiders a glimpse into future trends of smart life and an insight into consumers’ genuine needs through product releases, strategy releases and dealer meetings. 

Ø  The highly anticipated AWE Award is a battle field for cutting-edge technologies. It is regarded by enterprises as the highest praise to their products as well as technologies given the media exposure and consumer recognition that come with it.


A Show for Scenario-based Smart Life 解构智慧生活体验真实场景 

Ø  AWE2021 will be divided into four zones: Smart Home Zone for smart white goods, Consumer Electronics Zone for smart software and hardware, Smart Kitchen Zone for kitchen and bathroom appliances, and Ecology and Health Care Zone for beauty and personal care appliances, appliances for air and water quality enhancement and appliances for daily uses. At AWE, smart life scenarios including smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bedroom, smart entertainment and smart healthcare are everywhere. 

Ø  Gathering AI-powered robots, smart automobiles, drones and smart wearable gadgets, Technology Park has always been popular with media and visitors. In 2021, AWE will join hands with 36Kr to build an Unexpected Infinite City that integrates entertainment with hands-on experience to add more fun and engagement to the show.


A Summit of Heavyweights 大咖论道洞见先机 

Ø  Top forums at AWE will bring together industry big names and cross-border heavyweights to share their insights into industry trends and economic dynamics. 

Ø  The online AWE Cloud Forum will invite decision makers of the industry and opinion leaders to make discussions over concerned issues and hot topics from multiple angles.


A Live Stream Powered by High Tech 拓展网络技术应用 深度探索直播经济 

Ø  Launched for the first time, the AWE Cloud Show will allow online visitors to be part of show at home. 

Ø  AWE2021 will adopt a live streaming format for the first time. As the first nationwide live streaming top show, it will leverage the resources of live streaming platforms as well as the industry to maximize publicity and influence.



 Wide Media Coverage across the World 全球媒体量级矩阵,国内外报道势态高涨 

Ø  AWE2019 was covered by eight renowned CCTV programs including News Broadcast, Dialogue, Financial Deep Discovery, Consumption Guidance, First Time, China Business News, Live News and Midnight News for three weeks in a row with more than 200 minutes of in-depth reports aired. 

Ø  Apart from CCTV, local media including Shanghai Media Group, Dragon TV, Beijing TV, Yicai, Guangdong TV andJiangsu TV also gave wide coverages of AWE. 

Ø  Plus, a number of globally renowned media including Reuters, Forbes, EFE, Nikkei, and New York Timeshave made in-depth reports on AWE. Tokyo-based WBS sent a reporting team to AWE to observe the trends of China’s home appliances and consumer electronics industry.



Strong Advertising and Buzz-Building 品牌宣传资源全方位输出,助力企业造势传播 

Ø  With great advertising opportunities offered, AWE provides enterprises the maximum exposure and the strongest voice in March.


Partners 合作伙伴 

With more than 1,000 exhibitors and partners on board, AWE2021 brings together worldwide resources for a win-win for partners and exhibitors at home and abroad as well as the show itself.


Visitors 展会观众 

Buyer-Driven Business Expansion and Industry Upgrade 

AWE has gained strong traction withdistributors, retailers, buyers and investors across the world whose involvement drives up business cooperation, technology exchange as well as capital investment significantly.

Consumer-LedExhibition Formats 

With endorsements from fashion and consumption bloggers, vloggers and internet celebrities, the number of consumers at AWE grows at an average rate of 200% each year. For them, the elements of innovation, interaction and fun are important. Some opinion leaders are also early users of products. They bring their user experiences to the public. 

Overseas Visitors across the World 

More than 20,000 overseas visitors from over 70 countries and regions visited AWE 2019, of which 80% came from Asia, Europe and America. They bridged overseas market with China.


AWE 2021

Theme Zones展区划分 

[Smart Home] White Goods, Consumer Electronics, Parts 

As a mainstay of AWE, white goods and consumer electronics enterprises make strong presence each year at AWE. AWE2019 brought together top domestic TV makers including Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Changhong and Konka as well as international players including Samsung, Sony and Sharp. It also covered communication products, 3D printers, home theaters, Bluetooth devices, stereo systems, digital cameras, and wearable gadgets.


[Smart Kitchen] Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances, Portable Appliances 

With premium local and international brands on board, AWE has become the biggest and most professional platform for high-end kitchen and bathroom appliances. There will be three halls for kitchen and bathroom appliances and portable appliances at AWE2021. A number of top-tier kitchen appliance and cabinet brands will be at AWE2021 to give visitors a glimpse into high-end kitchen appliances.


[Ecology and Healthcare]Appliances for Daily Uses, Appliances for Air and Water Quality Enhancement, Appliances for Beauty and Personal Care 

For enterprises in the fields of air and water quality enhancement and daily use appliances, AWE has long been recognized as a platform that offers high exposure and high returns, consolidates brand competitiveness and market position while communicates healthcare awareness and advanced technologies to consumers.

With well-designed products and enticing marketing campaigns blanketing AWE, beauty and personal care appliances stood out fast. At AWE2021, a Charisma Hall will be set up for you to embrace beauty.



[Smart Tech] Technology Park, Smart Home, Smart Hardware and Software, Smart Travel, AI, High-tech, Unexpected Infinite City

AWE offers scenario-based display of smart home, smart travel, smart office, smart medical system and AI to allow consumers an immersive experience of future smart life. 

Technology Park has been a special zone and a hotspot for years. It is a cluster of new products, a gala to celebrate smart IoT-enabled life and a platform for innovative tech products.

At AWE2021, the highly-anticipated Unexpected Infinite City will offer premium high-tech experience while embark a carnival of future technologies and modern life.


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