AWE2024: Health-oriented home appliances on the rise

From traditional categories to emerging ones, home appliances are getting more and more health-oriented after three years of pandemic. Health-oriented consumption is on the rise, according to the health-oriented consumption survey report 2023 jointly released by Yicai and JD Health. The report shows that, 85.28% of the respondents indicated an increase in the frequency of buying health-oriented products compared to pre-pandemic times, and 16% specifically stated a significant increase.

As traditional home appliance market enters the mature stage with replacement needs become the main driver of growth, health has already become an essential concern of consumers when they purchase home appliances. Health-oriented concepts such as air health, water health, diet health and skin health have become a growth engine of home appliance consumption. Statistics from All View Cloud show that, omni-channel retail sales value of refrigerators for food reservation rose 29% YoY for the first three quarters of 2023; online retail sales of range hoods with high CFM, water heaters with nano bubble technology, sterilizers, and hot water filters rose 19%, 200%+, 354%, and 110% respectively.

Demand drives product upgrades. And to accommodate to the health-oriented demands of consumers, home appliance enterprises step up their efforts in fields such as materials, technology development, function development, and demographic targeting. Targeting health sensitive demographics such as babies & mothers and the elderly has become where home appliance enterprises’ start to tap into the market. While the applications of health functions on home appliance categories get clear, there has been a rising trend of combos, such as air conditioners with air purification function as well as bacteria and dust removing functions, refrigerators with bacteria killing and removing functions as well as nutrient preservation functions, washing machines that can release multi-functional oxygen molecules for sterilization and disinfection, and water heaters that can nourish the skin. Besides, the healthcare functions of home appliance products are evolving from a single functionality to a combination of multiple functions. For example, different sterilization methods such as ozone, silver ion, electrolyzed water, and infrared ray can be integrated into a single washing machine product, thereby achieving better sterilization performance.


The report of industry trends at AWE2023 mentioned that health-oriented home appliances are evolving from individual products to multi-scenario product centers with products that are intelligently interconnected and customized on-demand. AWE2023 showcased numerous cutting-edge technology products that are health-oriented, such as Haier’s air wash air conditioners, Casarte’s zinc strontium series water purifiers, Hisense’s new oxygen (“Xinyang” in Chinese) washing machines, Siemen’s eNose refrigerators, etc. At AWE2023, we not only witnessed the continuous upgrade of health functions through innovative home appliances, but also felt the beauty and quality of life that healthy home appliances bring. AWE is a bridge that connects the consumer side and the supplier side. Home appliance companies flex their muscles at AWE to consolidate their brand image in the mind of consumers while consumers get a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of technological applications in real life.


AWE2024 is just two months away, with “innovation, transformation, and experience” as the three key words. Through new technologies, products, and applications, consumers will explore the cutting-edge trends in technology and experience the convenience and fun of smart living. AWE2024, home appliance companies will bring more intelligent solutions to enhance people’s quality of life through health-oriented appliances.