AWE2024 Officially Launched

AWE2024 will be held from March 14-17, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, according to an announcement made by the AWE Organizing Committee on August 16, 2023. As a top show of the global home appliance and consumer electronics industry, AWE2024 will center on the display of smart technology and cutting-edge innovations, offering a panoramic view of the future smart life.


Covering 13 exhibition halls and an unprecedented area of 150,000 square meters, AWE2023 set new records with more than 1,000 exhibitors joined the show and 350,000 visits from visitors. For industry insiders, AWE is a must-visit show. In fact, 70% of AWE’s visitors are industry insiders and more than 80% of them are decision makers or top managers. Plus, it’s worth noting that many top managers from international companies visited AWE last year to get a glimpse of the changes of China’s home appliance and consumer electronics industry in the past three years right after China optimized its prevention and control measures of Covid-19, which attested to the global influence of AWE and its value to the industry.


Built upon what AWE2023 has achieved, AWE2024 is officially launched with an expanded area of 160,000 square meters and 14 exhibition halls. As a top 3 global show of the industry, AWE2024 will maintain its focus on the display of scenario-based smart homes, while highlighting industry trends such as “personalized and customized smart home solutions”, “ultimate, stylish, comfortable and convenient product experiences”, and “green, low-carbon, sustainable development concepts”. The core exhibition areas will include smart appliances, consumer electronics, smart kitchens and bathrooms, smart entertainment, and smart health solutions.


AWE embraces the trend of integrating digital technologies with the industries, and extends its portfolio to build a home-centric smart ecosystem that covers smart life solutions such as smart city, smart healthcare, smart transportation and smart education, and innovative products such as VR/AR, wearable devices, mom & baby care products, pet products, service robots, outdoor appliances and gaming peripherals. The boundaries of AWE have been expanded which makes it a perfect platform that offers an immersive experience of the scenario-based digital life.


 According to the AWE Organizing Committee, the German Association of Modern Kitchen Industry (AMK) will return to AWE2024 with its members after its debut in 2019. Besides, the Shenzhen B2B Display System Industry Association, will organize a delegation of commercial display makers and consumer electronics makers to exhibit at AWE2024.

In 2023, AWE joined hands with many top platforms including and Douyin. Their huge traffic allowed online visitors to get to know AWE and brands at home and abroad and led to the placement of orders stimulated by livestreaming and promotional activities. It is learned that home appliance campaigns from reported more than 700 million visits while Douyin saw an exposure of more than 500 million. AWE2024 will continue to collaborate with platforms including, Douyin, Weibo, Baidu,, Zhihu, Zhuxiaobang, and Haohaozhu. At the same time, it will cooperate with digital media platforms such as Yongda Media, Xinchao Media, Shichuang Media and Gaohe Media to make targeted advertisements to attract consumers in and near Shanghai to visit AWE.

Xu Dongsheng, Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, says, “AWE2024 will team up with more partners to organize more interactive activities, and expand its portfolio to involve investors, industrial designers, home decoration designers, trend-setting consumers, colleague students, esports players, gourmets, gift purchasers and campers to further improve the influence and attractiveness of AWE as well as its value for consumers and its partners. We believe that our joint efforts will make AWE a bellwether of technological innovation that leads the development of the home appliance and consumer electronics industry.”

As a critical part of AWE’s ecosystem, concurrent activities and summits of AWE provide a platform for the in-depth communication of industry insiders. AWE Summit and Future Home Summit, two top-level forums, will take place as scheduled at AWE2024 with topics including industry development, technological innovation, health and low-carbon initiatives, and the future trend of intelligence to be discussed. Besides, the widely recognized AWE Award will also be held to offer a selected list for consumers to enjoy a more convenient and imaginative quality lifestyle.


AWE2024 has been officially launched and will kick off on March 14-27, 2024 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Let’s create and enjoy the new era of smart living together.