How advanced is home appliance black technology?

Many new home appliances appear every year, so which ones have appeared recently? Come and see with us!



Built-in kitchen appliances


German Bosch Appliances introduced a fully-imported embedded kitchen appliances set that debuted in China and won the European Red Dot Extreme Award, covering a complete product portfolio from ovens, steamers, cookers, range hoods to vacuum drawers.



Low temperature electromagnetic cooker for general household appliances


The small cooker in the middle of this four-head cooker can achieve low-temperature cooking from 29 ° C to 93 ° C, and the precise temperature control can reach ± 1 ° C. Hot spring eggs that are difficult to cook with ordinary cookers can be easily cooked with it.

The universal appliance's fast-baking pizza oven only takes 2 minutes to cook a professional-style pizza.

The universal home appliance French door-opening oven has an original one-handed door-opening design, equipped with full-space hot air convection technology in the inner cavity, and the heating speed is increased by more than 3 times.

General appliance Opal ice maker is specially developed for users who are accustomed to drinking water and adding ice cubes. Not only the speed of ice production is faster, but the taste of ice cubes is also better.



Magic range hood


The new product sold by FUJIOH, a well-known kitchen appliance brand from Japan, in the Chinese market is called "Zhijing Magic" range hood. The so-called "Zhijing Magic" refers to Fuji Industries' unique fume recovery system including a high-speed turntable (oil fume separation disc) installed in front of the fan, which can effectively prevent oil fume from entering the cooker hood.

In 2017, this range hood equipped with an oil fume separation function won a Japanese design award, and cumulative sales in Japan have reached 140,000 units.



Panasonic Smart Health Segment


Matsushita Electric Japan showed the ideal look of the future home: standing in front of the sink in the morning, people can see their sleep and health status in the mirror, and see the mirror to remind them of the fitness activities and dietary arrangements of the day, even directly in the Place an order on the takeaway platform on the mirror.

The "Panasonic Health All-in-One" smart toilet has two healthy handrails, and these two armrests are the key to distinguishing the Panasonic Health All-in-One from the ordinary toilet. Just sit on it, the body index and health status will be detected by it, and the data will be displayed directly on the bathroom mirror. It is reported that this new toilet will be listed in China in the first half of next year, and the price will be no less than 40,000 yuan.



Low-noise washing machine


Turkish star company Vistar low noise washing machine, the working noise of the general washing machine is 50-53 decibels, and when this washing machine is working, the noise is only 39 decibels



Philips Health Technology


Focusing on "environmental health, air health, oral health, diet health, respiratory health, sleep health, skin health, maternal and child health", etc., Philips brings innovative smart connected solutions, and introduces the Philips comforter designed to ease snoring, Deep sleep instruments to help improve sleep quality, as well as technology-rich air purifiers, shavers, steam irons and other products can improve the quality of family life.



German Miji Embedded Flat Cooker


It is reported that this built-in flat stove can accurately control temperature and vertical heating. It uses clean electric energy, can burn without open flames, there is almost no oil fume during cooking, and the stove is not hot. Outside, the beautiful "dining table" that looks like marble can also be used to play table tennis.



Corning Atmospheric Purification System


Corning's air purification system consists of a device that captures suspended particles to purify the air. A fan is used to introduce polluted air into the air inlet through a porous honeycomb ceramic filter, which adsorbs PM pollutants on the porous wall and allows Clean air is released into the environment through an open air duct. Large-scale air purification system used in public areas. This system can be used in both indoor ventilation and large-scale outdoor purification systems.

In the field of intelligent technology, robotic arms from German companies demonstrated their strength and dexterity at the first Expo. Today, in the air-conditioning plant of Midea in Shunde, Guangdong, the same robots are working efficiently. The robots on each production line have saved the company 22,000 manpower, and the installed qualification rate can reach 99.9%.



Source: HC Home Appliances