Maybe contemporary young people need a Galanz steam oven

Many young people have the most headache when it comes to purchasing appliances in the kitchen area. Unlike appliances with clear functions such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, those large and small cooking appliances in the kitchen not only have a wide range of functions, but also have complex functions. They are very unfriendly to many young people who have no experience cooking. If you do not do enough homework at this time, the home appliances purchased by the trend are often put on hold because of the extremely low frequency of use.


As a popular new kitchen appliance in the past two years, the steam oven has become a favorite of many baking enthusiasts and housewives and has a high appearance rate. In fact, the steam oven is not a "secret weapon" for professionals. It is also a "treasure artifact" that the kitchen must have. If you are a novice kitchen novice and want to take care of your meals, then Galanz steaming oven will be one of the must buy recommended TOP1.


For the kitchen novice, how to prepare a meal quickly and worry-free is the first problem that needs to be solved urgently. Galanz's original "boiling steaming" is a steam release method that simulates the traditional steamer basket. The steam is quickly released in 8 seconds. The continuous steam wraps the ingredients in all directions for cooking. The intelligent temperature-sensing probe set in the cavity controls the temperature change in the oven cavity during cooking in real time, and controls the temperature requirements of the recipe. The use of Galanz steaming ovens not only greatly shortens the cooking time, but also solves the pain points of traditional open flame steamers with low steam volume, large temperature fluctuations, and high requirements on cooking skills and experience.


It is understood that Galanz steam oven D20 is equipped with as many as 44 automatic menus, setting more scientific and accurate temperature and time for different recipes, so that novice novices can achieve one-click cooking in seconds.


Steaming is not only to maintain the original taste of the food, but also to ensure that the nutritional content of the food is preserved to the greatest extent. It is a highly recommended healthy diet. Galanz steaming oven is equipped with 40 ° fermentation steaming, 60 ° moisturizing steaming, 80 ° low temperature steaming, and 100 ° nutrient steaming, making the steaming of different ingredients more targeted and nutritious.


In addition to steaming, for those who love barbecue, Galanz steamer oven R90 innovatively adds steam tender roasting function, which can be supplemented with steam while roasting in the cellar. The grilled meat is tender, the meat is full, and the fat and salt can be extracted to the greatest extent Get angry.


Galanz R60 steam oven has an innovative component and structural space of more than 85%, which greatly reduces the area of the steam oven. The 15L capacity is also fully utilized by the precise design of the internal space, which can easily cook 300g fish and 18 egg tarts. At the same time, the ultra-modernist minimalist appearance and rounded corner design are also very versatile when used with various styles of home decoration. The R60 steam oven became popular with young people once it was launched.


The steam oven is not only equivalent to a professional steam box + oven, but can also replace a microwave oven, egg steamer, yogurt machine, air fryer, stew pot, sterilizer, etc. Not only does it save space resources, smoke-free cooking The method also ensures the freshness and cleanliness of the living space.



Source: China State Grid