Should the lid be opened when the washing machine is not in use?

Basically, every home has a laundry appliance. The washing machine does help a lot when you don't want to wash by hand. Would you like to open the lid of the washing machine after washing? If you don’t pay attention to this, be careful of bacteria breeding a lot, the more you wash the more dirty!


1. Cover after 30 minutes


Many people use the washing machine cover immediately after using it, and some people also like to put on a laundry cover. This is the most undesirable way.


The principle of the washing machine is to rotate the clothes to rub the clothes against the wall of the washing machine to remove the stains. There is also a set of drums outside the washing bucket of our commonly used washing machine. The washing water often remains in the interlayer of these two buckets. This interlayer is difficult to completely clean and a large amount of dirt will adhere to it over time.


The lid of the washing machine is not conducive to the evaporation of water vapor. The lid is always closed after use. It will breed a large number of bacteria in a humid environment, and the cover of the laundry cover will provide a good living environment for the bacteria. This is also why some people get itchy after washing clothes in a washing machine. Sensitive skin may also cause skin irritation.


So it is recommended that you open the cover and ventilate for 30 minutes to 1 hour after washing your clothes. Wait for the water vapor to dissipate in the bucket to dry and then close the cover. Especially in the hot summer, the ventilation time should be extended. The autumn and winter are relatively better. The cold and dry bacteria are not easy to breed, but you should also wait for the moisture in the washing machine to dry before closing it.


2. Clean the washing machine on time


Special cleaning agent


The main role of the cleaning agent is to dissolve the stubborn dirt in the inner liner, interlayer and other parts of the washing machine through chemical components, and at the same time remove the odor inside the washing machine.

The method of use is very simple, pour the cleaning agent into the washing machine, and let it stand for 2-6 hours after starting the washing program. The specific dosage is generally stated on the cleaning agent.

After using the cleaning agent, there may be residual debris on the barrel wall. This is normal. Dry the barrel wall with a towel.

Usually take time to clean it every 3 months. Cleaning and disinfection can be assured for family members, and it can also protect the machine to prolong its service life.


Disassembly and cleaning


For washing machines that have not been cleaned for many years, there will be some dirt that strongly adheres to the barrel wall and gully, and the cleaning effect of the cleaning agent is limited. It is best to find a professional cleaning master for disassembly and cleaning.

Of course, if you have enough confidence in your own hands-on ability, and you can install it completely, you can disassemble and clean it by yourself.


Source: China State Grid