Internet access is a smart refrigerator? Casarte iterates smart home to create new trends

The demand for high-end home appliances users has increased, and intelligence has become an important factor for users to purchase home appliances. 71.5% of people want to buy smart home appliances.


But what exactly is a smart appliance? Take the smart refrigerator, when this concept appears, many brands add a screen to the refrigerator, and even a mobile phone APP is called a smart refrigerator, but it is actually like a mobile phone remote . Later, the screen became larger and larger, and functions such as checking recipes, watching videos, and listening to music were added. Can smart refrigerators only do this? From Casarte refrigerators, we seem to see a new direction.


Voice and AI become mandatory options for smart products


Different from the trend of mid-range products moving closer to cost performance, high-end refrigerators have focused on differentiated intelligent experiences in recent years, especially with voice interaction and AI functions.

The other direction is IoT. Some brands not only focus on AI functions, but also add IoT functions to them, so that refrigerators can not only interact with people, but also interact with products, expanding from a single intelligent function to more intelligent hardware experience .


Using scenarios to replace products, Casarte refrigerator proposes intelligent iteration


However, from the perspective of experience, whether it is AI or IoT, it is just a single application of multiple intelligent technologies in product functions, which has left most high-end refrigerators in the single-product intelligent stage. However, Casarte refrigerators create multiple intelligent scenarios through multi-device linkage. From product stand-alone intelligence to scene intelligence to ecological intelligence, Casarte refrigerators iteratively create a complete set of scenario-based home storage solutions.


Take the IoT dual-screen refrigerator as an example. It is a health and intelligent consultant. The smart management function can remind users of the shelf life of food ingredients. The MSA oxygen control freshness technology can extend the freshness effect by 8 times. More interestingly, it is equipped with AI Recognition technology can actively recognize user facial information.


As a result, users can enjoy the following intelligent scenarios.


Breakfast moment: One-click smart cooking, change cooking master in seconds


Mom likes beauty and beauty. Dad needs a light diet because of long-term entertainment. Children preparing for the test need a variety of nutrition. Everyone needs an exclusive breakfast menu. The refrigerator screen will give you one by one: Mom ’s rock candy Sydney bird's nest, Rolled fish porridge and diced cucumbers, fried shrimps with vegetables, grilled cheese toast for children. What's more interesting is that one-button cooking mode can be activated, and the whole set of kitchen appliances can start standby at the same time. People who do not know how to cook can also prepare a rich breakfast.


Party on the weekend: voice baking mode, more convenient to free your hands


At home on the weekends, do you know how to eat pizza? Just ask the refrigerator "I want to make pizza!", The refrigerator will display the ingredients and practices required, and the one-click baking function can also help you set the oven time The procedure is like hiring a chef at home.


Shopping at home: ecological intelligence, one-click ordering delicious home


On the weekends, you just want to be at home and don’t want to go out and buy fresh food? Then you can come to the ecological smart scene of Casarte refrigerator. It is a healthy food ecosystem based on the Internet of Foods. You can place orders on the large screen of the Casarte refrigerator, including Boston lobster, Argentina cod and other ingredients of global origin.


No matter how rich the functions are, they can only be reduced to gimmicks if they cannot be combined with the needs of the scene. Casarte understands this, and scenes intelligent functions, so that users can experience a smart experience that is not in similar products. Successes in the high-end market.


This shows that users are willing to pay for a better product and experience, and Casarte refrigerator is based on the "smart home cloud" and iterative development of intelligent scenarios, and also uses market data to prove its correctness.


Source: China State Grid