How to choose a good vacuum cleaner?

Now more and more families will use the vacuum cleaner as a useful home appliance assistant. For more and more people, choosing a vacuum cleaner is already an essential thing. But in the face of a mixed market, how should ordinary consumers choose? What are the precautions?



Product type selection:


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to understand the current classification of vacuum cleaners. There are many types of vacuum cleaners. According to whether you need to plug in the power cord to work, it can be divided into wired and wireless. Wired vacuum cleaners can be divided into bucket vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, and vertical vacuum cleaners according to their forms and functions. Wireless vacuum cleaners can be further divided into push-rod vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners.


Barrel type vacuum cleaner, advantages: large capacity, high power, strong dust collection ability, can be used in both wet and dry; disadvantages: large size, high power consumption, high noise;


Horizontal vacuum cleaner, advantages: access to low areas, high efficiency, low noise, large suction, flexible suction head; disadvantages: need to drag the bucket to go, easy to hit furniture;


Vertical vacuum cleaner, advantages: large suction, no need to bend, easy switching of carpet floor brush heads; disadvantages: great noise, heavy, inflexible, unable to clean corners and low places;


Wireless vacuum cleaner, advantages: compact, light and easy to store, free from the constraints of the wire, can be changed to handheld mode; disadvantages: need to consider battery life issues, dust box capacity is relatively small;


For domestic vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners are more convenient to use, and wired vacuum cleaners were more popular in the early years. With the continuous improvement and development of vacuum cleaning technology, and people's needs in life continue to strengthen, wireless vacuum cleaners gradually surpass wired Vacuum cleaners have become the main force in household vacuuming.



Which suction power and rated power should I look at?


If you buy a vacuum cleaner, you will definitely know two values: suction power and rated power. Many people do not understand the difference between these two values. If you think that rated power = suction power = large suction power, then you are very wrong.


For the vacuum cleaner, the suction power is provided by the vacuum motor, so the motor becomes a vital component. Under the high-speed drive of the motor, the air inside the vacuum cleaner is quickly discharged to form a transient vacuum; under the effect of external atmospheric pressure, the garbage and dust near the suction nozzle enter the vacuum cleaner with the airflow, and then discharged after filtering through the filter. process. Therefore, the amount of suction depends on the aerodynamic energy generated by the motor, that is, the suction power, not the energy consumed by the motor, that is, the rated power.



Battery life


Endurance is very important for wireless vacuum cleaners. No one wants to clean half of the machine without power, and the endurance depends on the battery type and capacity of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are roughly divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries. The service life of different battery types is also different. At present, only lithium batteries are the first choice for many brands. Most vacuum cleaners are powered by a lithium battery, which is safe and secure.


In addition, some vacuum cleaners will be equipped with two batteries for the machine. The batteries are removable, and one can be charged when using one. Users can also purchase more batteries according to their needs, which is suitable for large households.


How many tips


The ceiling can be installed on the ceiling, the bottom of the bed, and the gap. This is the convenience of wireless vacuum cleaners. Of course, not all wireless vacuum cleaners can achieve this convenience, because different scenarios require different suction heads to achieve cleaning results. Electric bed brushes, sofa brushes, two-in-one flat suction, ceiling brushes, soft hair brushes, etc. These can be the same, especially the electric bed suction, replacement can achieve the function of the mite remover, is it saving? Mite meter for money.


In the past, the functions of a separate vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner, a mite remover, and a short hand-held device can now be done with a single machine, which can save money and effort.

Source: China State Grid