Can a dishwasher really be cleaner than a hand wash?

According to a data report: "The global penetration rate of household dishwashers has reached 30% -40%, and the United States, France, Germany and other countries have reached 60% -70%. Southeast Asian countries are also developing at an annual growth rate of 20%.  "


One problem that has always troubled urbanites is that it takes a lot of time to cook, and it takes time to wash the dishes after eating. Let ’s not talk about a few plates. In the eyes of young people with fragmented lives, it is very Strenuous things. Naturally, a dishwasher not only saves time and costs, but also increases the choice of dishes and can reduce the risk of food safety. It costs relatively little to cook by yourself and saves a lot of expenses for eating out.

Even if you are enjoying the fun of cooking, you still have to wash the dishes after eating. There is always some reluctance in your heart. Therefore, many friends are used to washing the tableware after eating, but this will also cause the breeding of many living bacteria, which will affect the quality of the family environment and reduce the immunity of children. Even if the dishes are washed in time, there are microbes and bacteria in the hard-to-clean dish cloths, steel balls ... A research report shows that 56.78% of the people living in the dish cloths have bacteria. This is an astonishing number, which is equivalent to the number of bacteria growing on the smelly socks that have not been washed for 3 days. Therefore, no matter how many people's families and how many dishes, being able to purchase a dishwasher reasonably is not a pretense.

Maybe when it comes to safety and health protection and the price of goods, everyone will choose the former to give priority to thinking, after all, a healthy and safe body is the first guaranteed productivity. With the rapid increase in the incidence of various diseases in recent years, everyone will spend money to prioritize investing in the details of their health.



But there are many people who think about it, can a dishwasher really be cleaner than a hand wash?


Hot water flow. Dishwashers use over-heated water to 70-80 degrees Celsius for running-water cleaning. It can sterilize under high-temperature water, remove oil, and clean the surface of dishes. It is easier to dissolve oil stains than ordinary warm water cleaning, and it is efficient to remove stubborn Stains.


The traditional dishwashing is done by hand-washing utensils, and the tap water flow is used. When cleaning, you did not notice that the dishwashing utensils will actually breed a large number of bacteria, and accidentally drying them will have a big consequence. And the temperature of human skin is 20 degrees. The sterilization effect cannot be achieved during cleaning.


Comprehensive spray washing. Home-style dishwasher spray, turbo, ultrasonic on the market. For most homes, the spray type is used. Through high-pressure water spraying and water interaction, the utensils can be cleaned 360 ° in all directions without dead corners. The high-pressure washing makes all stubborn stains easier to remove.


If you are washing dishes by hand, some slit details cannot be completely washed out. Although there is cleaning in a large area, local small pieces cannot be cleaned well, and the maximum cleaning effect cannot be achieved.


Excess temperature drying. Similar to sterilizing cupboards, high-temperature ray drying and sterilization, and secondary sterilization inspections are also able to make dishes and bowls cleaner and more beautiful.


However, after washing the dishes by hand, more knowledge is traditionally exposed to the air and blown dry, it is easy to stick to the ash layer and bacteria in the wet place, causing the previous work to be abandoned.


Automatically add detergent. The dishwasher can be distributed through the system, whether in summer or winter, to get rid of the nuisance of dishwashing liquids, and to give your snow-white hands a lot of money for hand cream. If you wash dishes with your hands, whether in summer or winter, your hands will dry up due to long-term soaking in water, coupled with the long-term use of detergent chemicals, it is easy to make your hands allergic or accelerate cell aging. Obviously the dishwasher is a good helper to free your hands.


So when you really understand the dishwasher, you will find that this is not arrogance or laziness, but to buy a guarantee for your health and safety.

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