How to choose a baby washing machine? This article tells you

Every time I buy home appliances about my child, I'm troubled. How to wash the children's small clothes? Some parents want to wash the children's clothes and adult clothes into the washing machine together. As everyone knows, the bacteria and chemical residues in detergents on adult clothes can easily cause children's skin allergies; moreover, the types, dosages and times of detergents used in the two types of clothes are different, and long-term washing will wear away the clothes.


Isn’t that hand-washing a blessing? Children's clothes have to be changed frequently, hand-washing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and they ca n’t really be sterilized. Some parents use boiled water to boil their clothes, which they think can be sterilized, but it is very easy to "boil" the clothes, and the operation is not convenient. In this context, having a baby-only washing machine is the best answer to this problem.


So, how to choose a baby washing machine?


1. Check whether it has the function of removing mites


The baby's immune system is not fully developed and it is prone to mite allergies. Therefore, parents are better to choose a baby washing machine with a mite removal function.


2. Look at the type and number of washing programs


Baby's clothing needs more than just mites. A washing machine with multiple washing programs is a better choice. Moms can regularly turn on the sterilization mode for cooking and sterilization. Usually, they can use warm water to wash the mold, or there are gentle and infant washing modes.


3. See if there is a bucket self-cleaning function


Many parents are worried that bacteria may accumulate in the washing tub and cause secondary pollution to the baby's clothes. Therefore, the self-cleaning function of the baby washing machine is very important.


For example, this wall-mounted washing machine, Mini 3.0, is indeed a trinity washing and drying machine with "small size". It adopts an emerald-shaped inner tube, which can realize a powerful but gentle cleaning texture. It supports high-temperature cooking at 95 ° C, which effectively sterilizes while cleaning dirt. New spray water flow can reach every corner of the drum to remove residual cleaning agents that irritate the skin, which is more suitable for cleaning baby clothes.



Or, TCL XQM30-520YSQ mother and baby washing machine uses TCL's patented pollution-free full-sealing technology, which eliminates the possibility of dirt and dirt inside the washing machine. The large, small, and two inner cylinders can be switched at any time for different clothes. The clothes for mothers and babies, towels for washing the face, and socks are washed separately, which effectively avoids cross infection and is more efficient and water-saving. 5 washing programs to meet different washing needs. This is also a 24-hour appointment, child lock and other functions, round appearance to prevent children from bumping, the mini body does not occupy land, and protects children's health from a subtle point.


Conclusion: Compared with adults, children's skin is more delicate, so we need more care. For families with children at home, it is necessary to prepare a special mother and baby washing machine. The above recommendations include both high-end products and kings of cost performance. Those in need can start with their own budget!


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