Aiming at the young market, Midea Disney jointly seizes a new benchmark for mini washing machines

With the escalation of consumption, people's requirements for the quality of life have also increased. For the washing machine market, this requirement is reflected in the level of functional differentiation. Among them, the mini washing machine bears the brunt of it, replacing the clothes dryer, floor cleaning robot and dishwasher status, along with electric toothbrushes and handheld vacuum cleaners, it has become the standard for household appliances for young generations of young consumers.

In the face of the ever-increasing consumer demand for laundry, various home appliances are playing cards to launch their own products, joining the scuffle in the mini washing machine market. The beautiful ones who have recently entered the mini-washing machine market are among the latecomers. With the new launch of a mini-washing machine, they have successfully made their way out of the crowd and are deeply loved by young consumers of the new generation.


Backed by a strong brand, quality is more guaranteed


Compared with various types of mini washing machines in the Chinese market, Midea ’s mini washing machines are more popular with consumers, which has a great relationship with its own brand influence. As a big brand in the home appliance industry, Midea's washing machine products have spread all over China, and its brand influence has also continuously increased, and has been affirmed and praised by many consumers on the market. Therefore, Midea's mini washing machines are more guaranteed in quality and more trustworthy.


With IP marketing


In addition to continuous development, Midea's washing machines are constantly working on the road of innovation. In the context of the general downturn in the market, Midea's mini washing machines took a different approach and chose to join forces with Disney, the big IP, to inject new vitality into the mini washing machine market.


Rimage Disney's co-branded mini washing machine was launched for the first time, and it was very popular with consumers. Both word of mouth and sales have improved significantly. In addition, the beautiful Disney co-branded mini washing machine has taken advantage of the circle to attract the attention of the fashion industry with its high value, which has greatly attracted a wave of fans for the brand itself.


Comes with powerful hard core product power, more differentiated functions are more intimate


The emergence of mini washing machines is a development of the market to meet consumer needs, but mini washing machines are not just for minis. There are many home appliance brands that not only make washing machines "small," but also their functions and technology. Unlike the uneven products on the market, Midea's mini washing machines rely on their strong and hard-core product power to truly achieve targeted and differentiated functions in addition to "small", providing consumers with A more intimate laundry service.


In the face of a rapidly changing market, it is more important to self-improve than to blindly comply with demand. Facing the chaotic market environment of mini washing machines, Midea's mini washing machines have also successfully occupied more market shares of mini washing machines with newer and more dynamic transmission methods and harder core product functions. At the same time, Midea's mini washing machines are deeply cultivating the differentiated market, and have created a new era of mini washing machines with one effort.

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