What are the disadvantages of the washing and drying machine that are favored by many users?

Washing and drying products, which are combined into a washing and drying product, have achieved good development recently. This new type of home appliances has already won the favor of some consumers, and the market size is also expanding. AVC data show that in the first half of 2019, the retail sales of washing and drying products increased by 18.9% year-on-year, and the retail volume increased by 8.2% year-on-year.


However, it is found that users still have many suggestions for its shortcomings, focusing on the following three aspects:


1. The drying effect is not good enough.


Compared with a single washing machine, the washing and drying integrated product has added a drying function similar to a clothes dryer. Whether the drying function is easy to use is the main criterion of whether it is worth buying a washing and drying integrated machine. At present it seems that the effect of some products is not satisfactory to users.


Some consumers point out that the drying function is not easy to use, and the drying and drying effects are similar: "The washing function with a small sun is a drying function, but it is not a drying effect, it is a dehydration effect, at most it is not like The front quick wash came out and dripped. "


For such a situation, the washing machine brand should optimize the drying program design and make a good effect.


2. The program design is unreasonable.


Whether the drying program of the dryer is convenient and quick to use is also an important part of the experience. For example, if the user's clothes are only relatively wet and want to dry quickly through the washing machine, can you find the specific corresponding program quickly? It doesn't need tedious settings, it becomes more important.


User reviews show that some products are lacking in this regard: "Washing machines are OK, that is, drying is tied to certain specific programs!" In this case, users want to dry clothes alone is more inconvenient, you can Consider making a separate procedure for drying.


The problem of the program setting of some dryers is that the drying time may be too long. Some users pointed out in the comments: "Wash 5 baby sweaters at 8 am. The selected sterilization and drying." Buzz "7 It took only hours to finish. "


The above phenomenon is not an example: "Super speechless. Of course, the master installed a washing machine and said that it should be dried for 2 hours. This is a rainy day in Shanghai for a week. I tried it today. There are 20 minutes left at 2pm and 10 minutes left at 2:30. "


Washing machine brands should optimize programs and instruct users on how to use them effectively.


3. The drying noise is relatively large.


The washing machine itself will generate a lot of noise during operation. It is often criticized by users. After upgrading the washing and drying machine, the noise during the drying process also makes users worry. Some users pointed out in the comments: "The balcony feels like it has been shaken ... the drying mode is comparable to an excavator", "the building will collapse when drying."


If you want to solve these problems, you need to do a good job of vibration and noise reduction, and you need to better guide the user to ensure the level when the product is placed.


Although the products of the washing and drying machine have grown rapidly, some products still have problems. Brands should also optimize for feedback, not only starting from the product, but also providing good guidance to users.

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