Mini rice cookers, small washing machines , "One serving" home appliances become the new favorite

"One serving" appliances become the new favorite of exquisite life


Mini rice cooker, one-person food health pot, small washing machine ... "One serving" appliances have become a new choice for people's quality of life and a new outlet for consumption upgrade.

Covers almost all categories of kitchen appliances.


The emergence of "one serving" appliances better meets the new needs and changes in contemporary people's lives.


Many industry insiders said that the increasingly small size of Chinese households is the number one reason for the booming sales of "one person" appliances. "The family's standard is no longer just a family of three. Many original families of three are split into two small families of single children and a couple." Said Liu, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law.


Consumption upgrades due to diverse functional needs are another incentive. The reporter learned from the Suning platform that, in addition to rice cookers, kettles and other household items, the sales of "one person" appliances with special functional categories also increased significantly. Orders for cooking machines increased by 855%.


Xiaomi's brand official said that they found that when consumers have higher aesthetic standards and spending power, they will be more inclined to purchase refined products that meet personalized needs to show their personality and attitude to life. "One serving" home appliances are the embodiment of this consumption upgrade trend.


The popularity of the "one-person" home appliance market has allowed businesses to see good market prospects. With the development of social economy, more and more young people's annual income has reached 20,000 US dollars, which is an internationally recognized income threshold for developed countries (regions). "As people's income increases, so will the requirements for quality of life, and these 'small appliances' with various functions allow us to experience a higher quality of life." Mr. Liu said.


The one-person service and customized products also have corresponding development trends in various countries. "Especially in Japan and other places, local businesses have developed products targeted at different groups, different functions, and different styles." Said the director of the Institute of Sociology of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. "One person's appliance" has satisfied people's needs for a better life. Aspirations, as the market continues to expand, people's demand for 'fine living' will spread to other areas. Now there are 'single-seat' restaurants, single karaoke shops, etc. in Japan and other places. These novel and interesting living service facilities may also be in the future. Great business opportunities in China. "


The rise of "rental life" in India


Spandan Sharma, an Indian youth, is a manager of an enterprise, but he does not have his own house, car, or even a chair. He chooses to rent everything from furniture to mobile phones.


The 29-year-old spends Rs 4,247 per month to rent almost everything in the Meng buyer, including all furniture in the bedroom, living room and dining area, as well as a refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. In India, more and more people enjoy "rental life" like Sharma.


The 25-year-old Vandita Moralka set up a non-profit organization two years ago to rent almost all office supplies, including tables and chairs and desktop computers, to save money.


Consulting firm "Nestor Research" predicts that the size of the Indian furniture rental market will reach $ 1.89 billion by 2025. In response to this emerging lifestyle, India has recently launched a number of mobile phone software for renting items. In addition to furniture, people can even rent jewelry through mobile software.


"The overall consumer behavior of young people has shifted from ownership to leasing because it has greater flexibility and does not require long-term investment." With more than 100,000 customer services, revenue is expected to exceed $ 300 million by 2023.