Washing machine technology innovation, intelligent technology is the trend

Washing machine is a home appliance that every household needs. Ten years ago, many households washed clothes extensively. Children and adults washed clothes together. Underwear and outer clothes were washed together. Clothes of different colors were also washed together. This laundry method not only caused dyeing and cross-coloring. Such as the occurrence of an accident, serious cross-infection may cause skin diseases. In recent years, people have gradually realized the potential harm of mixed washing, and many families have begun to choose a healthier method of classified washing, which separates adults' and children's clothing, and separates underwear and outer clothing. In order to meet people's needs for a healthy classified washing life, the washing machine has made a revolutionary change in appearance and function. The LG classified washing machine WDFH053D7SW is the first duplex washing machine product that has caught people's attention. It bids farewell to the appearance of a traditional single-tub washing machine. It has a double-layer design of an upper drum and a lower pulsator. The upper tier can wash large pieces of adult clothes or bed sheets and quilts. The lower tier can wash babies and children's clothing or underclothes, which perfectly solves the problem of mixed clothes washing.


Similar to the function of the double-type washing machine, there is a polarization phenomenon of the capacity of the washing machine. In order to meet the larger laundry needs of the family, an 18-kilogram large-capacity pulsator washer has appeared in the past decade, and a small capacity to meet the underwear and children's clothing Cleaning function, a mini wall-mounted washing machine with a capacity of only 3 kg. The emergence of these multifunctional and multi-capacity washing machines has given people a healthier and more diverse choice when doing laundry.


As the pace of life becomes faster, people's requirements for laundry efficiency are getting higher and higher. How to get cleaner clothes in less time? In order to achieve this goal, washing machines are constantly innovating in terms of technology. The washing process of traditional washing machines is mainly divided into two parts: rinsing + spin-drying, and the time used for rinsing is not much. In order to make better use of the rinsing time, Samsung washing machine has developed bubble net technology, which uses bubble The device quickly transforms the detergent into rich and delicate foam, and plays the role of detergent more thoroughly, thereby achieving the effect of saving time and electricity. The beating technique is also an important factor in whether to wash cleanly. Siemens washing machine has developed 3D positive and negative washing technology, which sets the rotation frequency and rotation speed of different directions for different clothes to achieve the perfect combination of pure and soft.

The care of high-end clothes is another problem that washing machines have always faced. For the high-end fabrics such as silk and cashmere, more people chose to go to dry cleaners to clean them. With the blessing of intelligent technology, today's washing machines can also easily get high-end clothes. 



The drum washing machine XQG70-WAE242691W from Bosch Home Appliances has a professional distinguishing function, and all kinds of clothing can find the most suitable washing program. The Casarte drum washing machine smartC1HD10G6LU1 incorporates a variety of smart laundry technologies. The washing machine can intelligently put in the amount of detergent and no longer have to worry about detergent residues. This washing machine can also match the washing program in real time according to the degree of fabric absorption and movement track. It is also equipped with an air wash function to give more professional care to high-end clothing.


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