Product Categories

01Prestige Home Appliances

Including prestige products from all categories below

02 Major Home Appliances

0201 Refrigeration

Refrigerator, freezer, ice locker, wine    chiller;

0202 Air Conditioning Appliance

Window air conditioner, portable air    conditioner, mini central air conditioner, etc.

0203 Cleaning Appliances

Washing machine, dryer, etc.

03 Consumer Electronics

0301 Display

TV, home theater, projector

0302 Smart Wearables

Smart watch, smart band, smart glasses

0303 Digital Home

Smart home, internet of things

0304 Digital Products

Pad, camera, DV, PDA, video system,    player, digital photo frame

0305 Personal Electronics

DVD player, audio system, recorder

0306 Office Supplies/for Study

Video game, Walkman, E-dictionary,    removable disks, E-book

0307 Telecommunication Products

Cell phone, telephone, interphone

0308 Entertainment

Automatic mahjong machine, dance pad,    X-box

0309 Car Electric Series

04 SDA and Kitchen Appliances

0401 Kitchen Appliances

Range hood, electric cooker, dish washer,    sterilizer cabinet, soymilk maker, juicer, food processor, coffee maker, rice    cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, frying pan, stewpot, toaster,    noodle maker, ice cream maker, vegetable & fruit washer, egg boiler,    eggbeater, bean sprouting machine, oil extractor, water heater, kitchen water    heater, garbage disposer, etc.

0402 Bathroom Appliances

Electrical water heater, heat pump water    heater, hair dryer, bathroom warmer, hand dryer, sanitary ware, ventilator,    integrated ceiling, etc.

0403 Electronic Entertainment

Automatic Mahjong Table, dancing pad,    motion sensing game, etc.

0404 Air Conditioner Series

Solar energy production: Solar water    heater, solar lawn light, sola garden light, solar toy, solar energy panel,    etc.

05 Environment and Health

0501 Air Treatment

Fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, air    cleaner, oxygen anion generator, mini oxygen generator, etc.

0502 Water Treatment

Water dispenser, water purifier, water    softener, etc.

0503 Cleaning Appliances

Vacuum cleaner, sweeper, shoe polisher,    ironing board, electric mosquito killer, electric iron, electric deodorizer,    garbage disposal, etc.

0504 Warming Appliances

Electric air heater, electric blanket,    electric furnace, etc.

0505 Personal Care

Hair dryer, electric shaver, hair    dresser, electric toothbrush, etc.

0506 Healthy Care

Foot massaging basin, massage armchair,    massager, blood pressure measurer, etc.

06 Related Services

0601 Components and Accessories

0602 Industry Design

0603 Supporting Services

Household appliances production equipment    and green manufacturing technology; home appliances testing equipment;    standards, certification services, technical advisory services

0604  Recycling

Decomposing and recycling technology of    E-Wastes

0605 Industry Robot