A Glimpse into unmissable AWE2021 through five figures

  AWE2021 is set to take place from March 11-14 2021. As the first domestic home appliance and electronics show of this year, AWE2021 will also be the first heavyweight international show of the field that will come back both online and offline. The value and meaning of its opening will be beyond words.

  With AWE2020 postponed to combine with AWE2021 due to the pandemic, innovative products and solutions to be showcased at AWE2021 will multiply after two years of waiting, with tens of thousands of stylish, high-quality, cutting-edge home appliances and consumer electronics, and interactive, scenario-based, customized smart IoT solutions displayed to offer consumers an immersive future smart life.

  Beyond that, the long-anticipated AWE2021 will include more high-tech elements to offer a tech gala for consumers. Let’s catch a glimpse into the highlights of AWE2021 from the following five figures.


  AWE2021 will expand its size to 12 exhibition halls covering 150,000 square meters, a new record compared to the 10 halls and 130,000 square meters of AWE2019, consolidating its position as the largest home appliance and consumer electronics show in Asia and one of the top three in the world.

  AWE2021 will be divided into four zones: Smart Home Zone for smart white goods, Consumer Electronics Zone for smart software and hardware, Smart Kitchen Zone for kitchen and bathroom appliances, and Ecology and Health Care Zone for beauty and personal care appliances, appliances for air and water quality enhancement and appliances for daily uses. It will showcase smart living lifestyle through scenarios such as smart living room, smart kitchen and smart entertainment.

  The Technology Park of AWE will once again bring together cutting-edge technologies that cover AI, IoT, drones, smart automobiles, smart wearables, AR and VR. For the coming 2021, AWE will join hands with 36Kr to build an “Unexpected Infinite City” that integrates entertainment with hands-on experience to add more fun and engagement to the show.


  With an elevated scale and global influence, more and more renowned brands join AWE.

  AWE2021 will bring together more than 1000 exhibitors to showcase their products, including international big names such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Sharp, AEG, Whirlpool, SMEG, ASKO, Philips, 3M, Gorenje, Hitachi, Rinnai and Laurastar, domestic heavyweights such as Haier, Midea, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, Fotile, Robam, Vatti, Joyoung, Supor, Gree, Aux and Viomi, IT and internet big names such as Huawei, JD.com and 360, and titans of AI field such as iFlytek, Unisound and Aispeech. For this year, premium brands including Gaggenau, Miele and Dyson will make a debut. Kitchen cabinet manufacturer Golden Home and bathroom products manufacturer HEGII will also join AWE2021, which will further expand AWE’s portfolio. These players will bring their latest products.


  Apart from products and technologies, concurrent activities of AWE will also be full of highlights. There will be more than 100 forums and press releases at AWE2021, including AWE2021 Summit, 2021 China Digital Real Estate And Fine Decoration Industry Summit Forum, GTIC 2021 | 8th Global Technology Innovation Conference on Embedded AI, AWE Award, China New Retail Conference, 2021 China Environment & Health Household Electrical Appliance Summit, 2021 China Household Electrical Appliance Industry Chain Conference, and 6-Year Achievement Release Conference of CHEAA CIC Project. At AWE2021, renowned industry leaders and experts will offer their insights into the trends of home appliance and consumer electronics industry, which will send a signal to the future development of technologies, markets and consumption demands. Plus, nearly a hundred releases will be launched by exhibitors to unveil their new blockbusters, solutions and strategies, from which we could also catch a glimpse into future trends.


  As one of the top three international shows of the field, AWE also plays a part in economics, finance, people’s livelihood, technology and fashion, becoming a highlight of March every year. In 2019, AWE was covered by more than a hundred local media including several renowned CCTV programs such as News Broadcast, First Time, Financial Deep Discovery, Live News and Midnight News. Plus, a number of globally renowned media including Reuters, EFE, Nikkei, Tokyo-based WBS and New York Times also made in-depth reports on AWE.

  For this year, it is estimated that more than 600 media at home and abroad will cover AWE. The expanded media group will better communicate the value of technology to consumers.


  Live streaming became a growing market trend in 2020, particularly during the pandemic when offline activities were suspended. Home appliance and consumer electronics enterprises have also employed this new method to boost sales.

  AWE2021 will throw a live stream night show that covers more than 100,000 square meters to bring new products to consumers with the endorsement of celebrities, internet celebrities and top leaders of enterprises. You can take these stylish, cool, tech-powered products home simply by tapping your phone.

  AWE2021 is around the corner. What it offers is more than products, but smart home solutions, and a better lifestyle. As the first show of the field this year, it will be full of highlights.