• Jiang Feng

    President, China Household Electrical Appliances Association

    AWE will promote the cross-industry integration of traditional home appliances with emerging fields, advance a full range of communication and exchanges in multiple levels, and lead to a brand new way of intelligent life so as to facilitate the innovation and upgrading of the whole industry and achieve high-qualified development!

  • Fang Hongbo

    Chairman and President, Midea Group

    This year, it is the first time for Media Group to bring its four dominant businesses, consumer electronics, heating ventilating and air conditioning, robotics and automation, and intelligent supply chain (logistics) to participate in AWE. At the first day of the expo, numbers of visitors visited our booths. Moreover, more than 3.5 million audiences watch the expo via live web casting. And at the same day, our stock share rises 5.17% and keeps soaring in the following days.

  • Liang Haishan

    Vice Chairman and Rotating President,Haier Group

    ​At AWE, the smart life demonstrated by Haier has made qualitative leaps. From the single intelligence of Era 1.0, to multi-device interconnection of Era 2.0 and then to the full-range scene mode of Era 3.0, Haier has set up “seven eco-circles” and “180+ intelligent scene solutions” based on the revolution from electric appliance to network-controlling appliances to network. It upgrades its global users to lifelong users via its open ecological platform.

  • Wu Xiaobo

    Financial Scholar and Writer

    This is the first time for me to jion in AWE. There are a lot of new changes beyond our imagination. Firstly, it is the revolution of global consumer electronics as well as the application of products; and secondly, Chinese companies have made a lot of innovations in application in terms of upgrading the mass consumption demands. We can see that, two lines, industry 4.0 as well as the intelligentization revolution and application innovation, have been fully showcased at AWE this year.

  • Yan Xiaobing

    Senior Vice President, JD Group; ​ President, Electronic Entertainment Group

    ​As an innovation practitioner of leading the new development of intelligent life consumption in China, JD has always focused on building an open and intelligent ecosystem of connectivity, and witnessed each other’s revolution and growth along with AWE.

  • Ding Wei

    Senior Vice President, A.O.Smith Group; President, A.O.Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd

    A.O. Smith will definitely not miss this feast. It is somewhat like we occupy a market through technological commanding height rather than low-price strategy and taking all advantages when tapping into a new industry. In the course of development in China, we dare to engage in new products. We will spare no efforts to do it if we evaluate it as a sunrise industry and we are able to achieve the technological commanding height.

  • Li Huixiong

    President, LG Electronics (China) Co., Ltd

    AWE owns huge market prospects. Moreover, it has given birth to a lot of expected products. It inherent technological gene facilitates LG to become a brilliant brand at AWE and be outstanding among all big brands.

  • Xie Biao

    President, Sony China

    Undoubtedly, Chinese market is the terminal for Sony, and Chinese market plays a rather important role in the benefit of Sony in recent years. Especially after we exhibited at AWE for the first time, it achieved many firsts at this year and obtained great results from Chinese markets.

  • Mao Zhongqun

    President, Fotile Group

    This time, Fotile takes its blockbuster products and innovative technology to demonstrate the connotation of high-level intelligent kitchen to the public. More than releasing new expected products and tendency, its publish meeting themed with “Mom’s time machine—Echo of a Dream” is an in-depth sentiment communication meeting which delivers the thought of “being great owing to love” to consumers.

  • Shao Yang

    CSO, Huawei Device

    It has been the third session for Huawei to participate in AWE. A lot of people from the industry jokingly say that, Huawei participates in AWE is somewhat like “the wolf being coming”. Seen from a wider view, Huawei owns a broader perspective and remarkable development speed.

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