Angel unveils the world’s first kitchen water-purifier

Angel unveils the world’s first kitchen water-purifier


On August 8, Angel officially launched the world’s first kitchen water purifier at 2019 Development Forum on New Technologies and Trends in the Water-purifier Industry& Angel Kitchen Water-purifier Release under the theme of “new technology-driven water-purifying era sponsored by Angel under the guidance of China Household Electrical Appliance Association (CHEAA). This product, designed for the kitchen context, can eradicate the pain that you can only use non-purified water to wash rice, vegetables, fruits, bowls, and to make soup.


As our living standards have been improved, water safety gradually grabs public attention, which further promotes the higher national attention to and utilization rate of water-purifying equipment. According to data by CMM, the retail volume of the domestic water-purification market reached 16.36 million items in 2019, up 15.5% year-on-year, and the turnover reached 40.9 billion yuan, up 8.4% year-on-year.


ZuoYanque, Customer Manager of CMM, said our water-filter market is entering a turning point where the current monotonous water-purification products are difficult to meet customer demands at multiple contexts, so this industry must shift to the water solutions in the second half, by constantly developing new categories under the segmented contexts. This will be the development direction of China’s water-purifying industry in the future.


Driven by these demands, domestic water-purifier manufacturers take the lead in innovation and upgrading. “As a local water purification brand, we are moving from a single-category water-purification equipment manufacturer to a provider of clean drinking-water solutions through upgrading to offer more systematic solutions and products for different scenarios.” Said Kong Na, Angel President. Now, water purifiers have become a must for a family and diversification, refinement, autonomy turn to be new demand points, so we can see the release of this product as the embodiment of Angel walking toward refinement, personalization.


Kong Na points out that the future trend of this market is that every household will need a water purifier for safety, health, and special functional needs. “for families with kids who want a soda, ice water, and homemade soda, it’s our mission to satisfy different individual needs in families. Consequently, every household needs a water purifier and there is still a long way to go for water-purifier manufacturers like us.”


The product consists of two parts: the central water-purifier and reverses osmosis water-filter, which is equipped with a number of core technologies independently developed by Angel. What differs it with other single water-purifiers on the market is that it can heal all the pain to family health caused by poor water quality, because it can purify all water used for cooking. Specifically, it guarantees quality-based water supply by installing two faucets under the sink, the bigger one to flow clean water for washing and cooking, the other one to flow drinking water, available at any time.  


It is reported that Angel kitchen water-purifier has hit the market throughout the country where consumers can easily experience and purchase the latest products.