Philips, which has not exhibited at AWE for many years, obtained great success when it brought its TV products to exhibit at AWE in 2018. In 2019, we will be honored to see more products of Philips, including water purifier, water heater, intelligent closestool, and intelligent door lock.


“Let’s Do Better”


Chinese people are familiar with Philips. The slogan, “Let’s Do Better”, was once the household names in China while its products can be seen in our life here and there.


Netherland is a country that is strong in trade. Since ancient time, it is a trade powerful country and thus got the name of “sea coachman” at the first half of the seventeenth century. Companies from this country also had the tradition of preciseness, and technology innovation emphasis, but at the same time has the feature of taking risk. Philips, which was born at the end of the nineteenth century, is one of the representatives.


In 2018, Philips attracted much attention for its first trial at AWE. At this superb platform that gathers global household appliance companies, the household appliance brand from Netherland brought a scientific feast themed with “Intelligentizen Vision, Sharing Future” to visitors. Besides TV, it also promoted its latest display support and keyboard & mouth set at AWE. Its peripheral new products such as ergonomic support, and game commercial set, attracted fixed customers by its unique and practical design and technology.

What we should mention is the coming of Lin Chi-ling, the chief visual experience officer of Philips, which makes the exhibition stage more brilliant.


At the site, there are rich and interesting interactive programs and motion sensing games. Moreover, there are large-amount prize drawings, and simultaneous live online quiz games to attract more visitors to visit and have experience.


In 2019, the intensive appearance of multi-industrial products of Philips will definitely bring us more feelings and imagination of good life. Let’s expect this product feast brought by Philips at AWE 2019 together.

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