From “Internet+, my home” to “home for next”, Appliance & electronics World Expo stays close to industry progress and keeps evolving to showcase technological vitality. With the fast development of Internet, IoT and artificial intelligence, AWE has expanded its portfolio from white goods, kitchen appliances, environment appliances and consumer electronics to include cutting-edge black technologies across the world such as IoT solutions to smart home, smart hardware, voice interaction and image recognition.


Smartization is not only a trend, but more importantly, a significant driving force of industry transformation and upgrading. At AWE 2018, traditional home appliance and consumer electronics enterprises are set to bring their new smart products on show, while enterprises committed to IoT, cloud platforms and big data analysis, including Gizwits, UGreen, Qinglianyun, Tuya, Mxchip, Topband, Xlink, Scinan IoT and Napa, are to showcase their smart solutions. Going through ups-and-downs, IoT startups still see AWE as their No. 1 choice. Smart appliance suppliers including Hongyar and Dafeng will also put a heavy weight on AWE.

Along with the development of smart home, smart hardware enterprises spring up, expanding their portfolios from smart bands, drones, self-balancing scooters at early stage to include hot items in earlier 2017 such as smart speakers, smart door locks, smart cameras, etc. With all these products on show, AWE 2018 is going to witness a surge in categories as well as brands alongside its expanded scale.


Smart appliances and smart hardware such as story-telling machines and smart speakers also see the wide use of these two technologies. Aispeech, known for its user-friendly voice interaction technology, has been at AWE for several consecutive years. Releasing its DUI open platform this year, this company’s voice interaction technology has been applied to vehicles, home appliances, robots, story-telling machines, phone assistants etc. It is compatible to third-party contents, and is loaded with a voice language store which boasts its professionalism as No.1 China wide. Capable of in-depth data visualization, personalized settings and zero-threshold operations, it offers technology services and human-machine interaction solutions for developers of IoT, mobile Internet as well as Internet.

Smart hardware wise, smart door lock will be showcased at AWE alongside smart speakers, smart camera, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.

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