The resilience and staying power of the home appliance industry are sufficient

Appliance&electronics World Expo(AWE) in 2022 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17 to March 20, 2022.As the industry vane, AWE not only guides the development trend of industrial products, but also guides the transformation of life style, providing a precious opportunity for domestic and foreign home appliances and consumer electronics enterprises. Enabling the supply and demand sides of home appliances and consumer electronics to communicate in close proximity is a platform to show innovation results to consumers and capture their needs and pain points.


These 2, 3 years, many home appliance manufacturers feel difficult, too difficult; In the next two or three years, it's probably going to get harder, more challenging and faster. However, for many manufacturers, this is not a bad thing, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a new turning point. Because, looking at the home appliance industry in the world, Chinese companies have strong stamina and resilience.


From the perspective of time, the marketization of China's home appliance industry has only been more than 30 years, and there are many "30 years" to break through, experience and try in the future. In recent years, home appliance manufacturers are facing all the challenges and impact, rarely encountered in the past, but the future, there will be more, the purpose is to let more manufacturers to establish a new system of competition and response measures, they can better in the next stage of globalization, consumer driven, and science and technology, truly world-class bear with the strength of strong industry.


From the perspective of enterprises, the leading enterprises and mainstream brands in China's home appliance market are generally very young, most of them in their 30s and 40s. The passion and impulse of young people have not faded, but also have the maturity, responsibility and responsibility of middle-aged people. It can be said that it is the best time to open up a new track and a new career. To the strength of strength, to the passion of passion, to the team to the team, to the means to the means, the only lack of time is the ordeal of training and frustration. In recent years, when the internal and external business pressure and challenges hit at the same time, let the outside world see "which enterprises are swimming naked, and which enterprises are bucking the trend".


For a single enterprise point of view, the current situation and the new situation of the home appliance industry are both important and not important. The important thing is that everyone is in the same environment, on the same track, facing the same business and development challenges; What is not important is that the car has the lane and the horse has the lane, as long as you find your own track and positioning, you can do it steadily. For enterprises with confidence and strength, there must be potential to stimulate and expand, which requires entrepreneurs and management teams to not only grab the growth of new consumption and new demand, but also dare to grab the market share of peers and rivals.


Now it is time for the operation and management teams of home appliance manufacturers to start the second sorting and breakthrough for the existing main business, and to explore a series of advantageous businesses. They must cherish money and learn to make small money at the same time, so as to truly find unexpected income. In addition, it is necessary to maintain absolute sensitivity to the changes in the front-line market and grasp the changing market opportunities and space.


From the perspective of industry, China's position in the world household appliance industry is undergoing new changes, from the past manufacturing center to technological innovation center, trend creation center. There are two points: first, from the perspective of investment in technological innovation, Chinese enterprises have invested the most funds and expenses in r&d and innovation in the global household appliance industry in the past 10 years, far exceeding their counterparts in Europe, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Second, in terms of the quantity and quality of patent growth, Chinese enterprises are leading their global counterparts in the field of home appliances, and even the patent growth rate of many European and American home appliance enterprises has been stagnant for many years.


It can be said that many home appliance people ignore the resilience of China's development in the world home appliance industry, as well as its staying power. Undeniably, Chinese home appliances are still the broadest and most powerful industry in the market economy.


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