Five new trends in the mainstream home appliance consumer market

Appliance&electronics World Expo(AWE) in 2022 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17 to March 20, 2022.As the industry vane, AWE not only guides the development trend of industrial products, but also guides the transformation of life style, providing a precious opportunity for domestic and foreign home appliances and consumer electronics enterprises. Enabling the supply and demand sides of home appliances and consumer electronics to communicate in close proximity is a platform to show innovation results to consumers and capture their needs and pain points.


In the ever-changing consumer market, many manufacturers believe that its core has not changed: first, the needs of users should be met and respected; Second, The rise of productism, not by accident but all the time, can only be intensified; Third, the docking between products and users, there is always the problem of inequality, how to further open up, to reflect the strength of manufacturers. So what new trends and changes will the next consumer market of home appliances present?


One: cognitive specialization

Now young people, and began to return to the origin of industrial value, is for the choice of household appliances, began to pay attention to professional brands, pay attention to professional threshold, favor professional precipitation. This gave the home appliance enterprise with deep color of a few specialization an opportunity. Of course, the other side of the coin, in the home appliance enterprise diversification today, many head enterprises how to give professional labels and colors in some categories.


Two: product integration

An air conditioner is equivalent to four home appliances, an integrated cooking center is equivalent to five kitchen appliances, and a micro steaming and grilling machine is equivalent to three small home appliances. These new types of integrated home appliances have been concentrated in the first-line market in recent years. . On the one hand, it is because users have more and more diversified functional requirements for home appliances, but they are confused by the increasing number of various home appliances and there is no space in the home; on the other hand, it is the development of technology that allows the same or similar functions to be integrated. To a product, it brings rich functions and small space. Integration only satisfies a part of the population, not the entire population. However, this is an industry development trend that cannot be ignored, covering the needs of users and the technical capabilities of enterprises. The most important thing is the important means for manufacturers to "push up and sell expensive" to adjust the structure in the first-line market. Of course, this will also drive the detonation and landing of smart homes and complete sets of home appliances from another dimension.


Three: the predisposition of consumption

All the time, the user buys home appliances, it is after bridal chamber is decorated, or it is after domestic local transformation is decorated, choose about the product, rigid and domestic decorate environment and household color department collocation. These come a few years now, as intelligence lives in be born, affect user home appliance of choose and buy to begin and home outfit together "all consideration". On the one hand, the popularization of intelligence, the promotion and landing of household appliances and intelligent sets must be synchronized with the start of home decoration, and the realization of three-dimensional integration of space with home furnishing; On the other hand, it is consumer goods qualitative upgrade, drove home appliances, household, home outfit integration. This will inevitably lead to a new round of home appliance manufacturers marketing channels, marketing mode and other initiatives to change.


Four: three-dimensional service

Service is an old topic, but now it is an indispensable closed-loop product marketing for all manufacturers in the consumer market of home appliances. The home appliance product that the user needs nowadays, not just each hardware, still have invisible software, deliver goods to the door for instance, installation is maintained, and clean maintain, fault seeks advice, what this test is manufacturer gets through together, and the service that seamless docking satisfies ability. The test of home appliance manufacturers is, how to turn the service from a burden into wealth, the ability to cash is crucial.


Five: visualization of experience

Experience is a new topic, and now it is the strategic innovation content of home appliance manufacturers in the first-line market, as well as the key factor to decide the upgrading of product structure and business model innovation. The reason is that the user needs, manufacturers also have a strategic task: experience is not only because electrical appliances to high-end, to the system, the whole house direction; As the leading role of the market, users should also experience life scenes and the surprise of future value-added services. How to make the experience visual, how to make it fun, is important.


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