Will this trend in the home appliance industry become more and more obvious?

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Since the fourth quarter of 2021, there has been a new trend in the home appliance market, that is, the domestic and foreign sales suddenly "take a sharp turn down". Many home appliance enterprises that have been busy for 10 months have no new overseas orders. Even though the domestic market still has the stimulus and expectation of the 11th National Double Congress, the order demand is not strong. The factory machinery, which had seemed so busy and tense, suddenly stopped, and the silence was eerie.


Many manufacturers in the whole industry, encountered a sudden decline in the channel, some of the head of the export and domestic sales, but also maintained a good growth. The most interesting thing is that the shipments of leading companies actually showed an unexpected year-on-year increase during singles' Day, while their export orders exceeded last year's total in the first 10 months. However, there are still many manufacturers can only watch the decline in domestic sales and shipments.


A lot of home appliance retailers and distributors, as well as consumers also found an interesting phenomenon, that is, since the beginning of this year in the national market online and offline at the same time to launch theme promotional activities of home appliance brands, ten fingers are countless. Numerous electrical home appliances brands, or is not a decent large national promote, or regional merchants spontaneous promotional activities, in the absence of enough marketing costs, as well as the corresponding retail network layout, national theme promotion activities, is becoming a test related electrical appliances enterprise of "how to live and live" a "litmus test".


The resources of big brands and big businesses are more and more concentrated, and the resources of corresponding businesses and users will be tilted or concentrated to them. Finally, the home appliance market is not "polarization at both ends", large enterprises and small enterprises have their own space, but to "head gathering", only the head enterprises and businesses have the strength to take the initiative to launch a campaign, while there are some professional enterprises in the waist, to maintain a certain space for development with differentiation advantages.


In other words, this trend in the home appliance market is no accident and will continue in 2022 and beyond. The core trend is that the future home appliance market will be dominated by leading companies, defined by leading companies, and dominated by leading companies. Although enterprises with differentiated competitiveness can also gain good development space, they are also "walking on thin ice" and must always maintain the ability to accurately control market changes and user needs.


This trend is currently in the home appliance industry, perhaps not fully defined as the "head effect", but the results have been very obvious. With the advantages of platform, large enterprises take the initiative to win users, compete for orders and grow in all categories with multiple brands. Except for a few enterprises, there is almost no opposition to form. For China's home appliance industry, what kind of experience and situation is this?


This is not the end of the market, but the opening of a new node of the market operation cycle in 2022, indicating a more difficult and unpredictable competition, is in front of all manufacturers, one by one or breakthrough is the key.


No one knows what the home appliance market will look like in 2022, but one thing is certain: many manufacturers will have to fight to the end.


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