Competition in the home appliance market has six recent misconceptions

CE expo in 2022 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 2022.3.17-20.Adhering to innovation and change, the exhibition has achieved continuous breakthroughs in scale, quality and global influence, and is one of the three top household appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world.


For consumers, many manufacturers are not afraid to identify the quality of their goods, they are afraid to shop around; for the home appliance industry, many people in the industry are not afraid of not understanding, they are afraid of misunderstanding. Faced with the constantly changing market environment and competitive landscape, many home appliance manufacturers have been stuck in the past five or even ten years ago, lacking active change, adaptation and understanding. In the end, market competition caused many manufacturers to misunderstand and misunderstand industry development, market competition, consumer trends, and user needs.


One is that the low-price competition is broken.

During the competition in the front-line market in the past two years, many manufacturers complained that the low price war was out of order, and the low price could not move the demand of users. But there is no better method and strategy than low price competition. Is not the low price out of order, but only "low price" small brand, miscellaneous brand home appliances products sold. The good product of a few home appliance big brand, fine goods, new product, want preferential to let benefit only, promotion drop price, still can sell move, and sell pretty good. Just, in the market competition that follows, home appliance enterprise, businessman, need to be in front of price war, add big brand, good product, ability "go well", "go well" on the market. So don't deny the price, use it.


Second is that retail fragmentation harms dealers.

These two years, not only the management task of home appliance enterprises heavy, big pressure, performance is not good, home appliance dealers are "sad day". In the eyes of many home appliance distributors, the fragmentation of retail channels is just the "prime culprit". From a variety of online stores on the previous e-commerce platform, to today's community group buying, community direct sales, online live streaming e-commerce, content e-commerce, and interest circle e-commerce, are emerging in an endless stream, continuous flooding, robbing dealers' business.


Third is: push high sell expensive is the only way out.

Push up sell essence, push up sell expensive, become the first line of the market in the past two years, home appliance enterprises for businesses, guide the core task and requirements. This also causes enterprise of a large number of home appliances, and big businessman follow up to participate. Facing such an open market in China, it is only a means and method for some home appliance manufacturers to explore the transformation of product structure and promote the upgrading of consumption. It is by no means the only way out for the industry in the future. More than 80% of the home appliance manufacturers in the market are not suitable for blind participation and implementation to push up the sale of expensive, not only need brand support, but also channel force, product force, and marketing force and other diverse support.


Fourth, sales promotion is becoming more and more useless.

It is an indisputable fact that sales promotion is not effective. But, sell goods through promotion, also be the means that numerous home appliance manufacturer must face now and direction. For a long time, the volume of sales promotion activities is not directly related to the number and frequency of activities, but to the content strategy, thorough preparation, and implementation effect of activities. In other words, activities are a way. Some people sell more through activities, and some people do not sell through activities. The problem lies in these people.


Fifth is: e-commerce live broadcast can only sell cheap goods.

Online stores, livestream e-commerce, content e-commerce, these online home appliance retail channels, can only sell cheap goods. This is the cognition that many home appliance manufacturers come for many years and consensus. From this, also restrict many home appliance manufacturers, use all sorts of retail channels to explore new business, grab the space of new demand and explore.


Sixth: growth in scale has run its course

In recent years, many household appliances categories, especially those that have been listed for more than 10 years, are facing a common pressure, that is, large-scale growth has hit the ceiling. At the same time, the limited market share, but accelerating to the head of the enterprise concentration and transfer. The era of large enterprises and merchants has entered a deep water period. From this, pattern of new home appliance industry is unveiling mysterious veil step by step.

Understand the overall pattern of the market, insight into the real idea of users, this is the home appliance manufacturers in the future market management and competition process, and constantly improve and implement the direction!


Adhering to the aim of bold innovation and excellence,CE expo in 2022 will promote the development of the industry. There will be more fresh and fresh highlights and gather global wisdom and technology to create a better life. For more information, welcome to the Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE) in 2022.