Home appliance Industry special report: Thousands of sails race, how to grasp the emerging home appliance track opportunity?

Smart home show will be held 2022.3.17-20 held at Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics companies at home and abroad provides a valuable opportunity to make home appliances and consumer electronics supply side and demand side can close communication, is to show consumers innovation platform to capture consumer demand at the same time and spot.

Household appliances demand changes, the emergence of new category growth opportunities.

1, home appliance industry from supply-driven to demand-driven.

In the past few decades, the home appliance industry was mainly driven by the supply side. Large single products such as color TV sets, refrigerators, refrigerators and air conditioners appeared continuously. New home appliance products effectively improved the quality of life of residents and promoted the development of the industry in a wave. In the process of product penetration and market expansion, the leading manufacturers of household appliances and channel merchants in product r&d, manufacturing and circulation are in a dominant position, and the pricing power and product upgrading direction are in control. With the maturity of the home appliance industry, the penetration rate of core large single products is close to the upper limit, the household appliance category increases greatly, the sales channels become decentralized and diversified, the market competition becomes increasingly fierce, the supply factors are obviously saturated, and consumer demand becomes the core factor dominating the growth of the industry.

2Digging gold from top to bottom, focusing on cleaning/health/security field.

1. A panoramic view of the industry, dividing the home appliance circuit around the demand.

Demand-driven household appliance industry, the most obvious feature is category diversification, a large number of new products to meet the needs of segmentation continue to emerge, and most of the emerging categories from the emergence to rapid development of the product life cycle is significantly shortened.We believe that this round of innovation wave of household appliances category is not a short-term flash in the pan, since 2020, consumer appliances have entered the second growth period driven by emerging demand. In the case of saturation of supply, the growth of emerging demand has brought the driving force for the secondary growth of the industry, and the growth of household electricity demand is mainly caused by income increase and generational change of consumers:

Reason 1: Rising income brings upgrading of consumption.

The increase in consumer income driven by China's sustained economic growth is the most important driving force for the growth of the consumer industry, and the home appliance industry is also benefiting from the trend of consumption upgrading. The increase of income directly leads to the increase of consumer demand for home appliances. Chinese consumers gradually converge with western consumers in consumption habits, pay more attention to life quality, and change the previously widely considered "optional" category into "mandatory" category.

Reason 2: Generational change leads to demand change.

The age of the mainstream consumer group of home appliances will not change much, but the intergenerational change of consumers will make the mainstream consumer group of each generation have completely different demands for consumption, and then lead to changes in the demand of the home appliance market. As the post-1995 generation starts to live alone from 2020, generation Z will become the mainstream consumer group of home appliances in the next 10-15 years. In recent years, the popularity of small and medium-sized kitchen appliances and intelligent micro-investment in all kinds of emerging household appliances is accompanied by a wide range of consumer groups, which are the first to unlock a large number of demands. As young people begin to buy houses in large numbers, more emerging household appliances with relatively high unit prices and installation costs will also accelerate their growth.

With the change of consumer demand, China's world-leading e-commerce system also makes the process of new demand spawning new categories more intense. Emerging household appliances are easier to reach consumers through various online channels, establish product awareness, arouse potential consumer demand and trigger purchase behavior, which is directly reflected in the extremely high year-on-year sales growth of emerging categories.

2. The gap between supply and demand brings growth opportunities for emerging household appliances categories.

Whether it is the upgrading demand brought by income growth or the emerging theme demand such as "lazy leisure" and "health" brought by the generational change of consumers, there is an obvious gap between supply and demand, which brings opportunities for structural growth of emerging categories.

3. Focus on the cleaning/health/security field.

Combined with home appliance classification, can lock the most opportunity home appliance category from top to bottom. The basic logic is that if there is a gap between supply and demand in this area, there should have been a significant increase in historical sales/sales of this category.

Adhering to the aim of bold innovation and excellence,Smart home show in 2022 will promote the development of the industry, and there will be more fresh and fresh highlights to present, gather global wisdom technology, and create a better life. For more information, welcome to Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE) in 2022.