The future development trend of smart home

AWE 2022 will be held 2022.3.17-20 held at Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics companies at home and abroad provides a valuable opportunity to make home appliances and consumer electronics supply side and demand side can close communication, is to show consumers innovation platform to capture consumer demand at the same time and spot.

With the development of electronic technology, household began to be electronic. After entering the 21st century, with the promotion of communication technology, electrical control and management technology is more systematic, electronic household appliances began to connect with each other through the network, the embryonic form of smart home was born. Under the support of the policy, smart home began to enter the period of rapid development, the market growth momentum is obvious.

Intelligent home furnishing is a change in living lifestyle. This change brings more opportunities for housing enterprises to overtake on the curve. Therefore, many housing enterprises begin to use intelligent home furnishing to enhance the competitiveness and differentiated value of their projects. As we have learned, in the process that development business is seeking cooperation with intelligent household enterprise at present, the practicality of intelligent household and stability became the element that they pay attention to primarily. For example, intelligent security system in the intelligent door lock, intelligent camera, intelligent switch and so on.

The Gradually blurred "Chu River and Han Dynasty"

When the smart home concept first caught fire, few people knew what kind of products to fill this futuristic concept. In the construction of this system, there are originally two types of business subjects, one is the emerging hardware enterprises (Internet enterprises) arising with the Internet, the other is the traditional home appliance manufacturers (traditional manufacturing enterprises).

Beach tuyere needs to be compatible and open

It is estimated that the market of smart home will reach 400 billion US dollars in 2025. As the life scene of the future, smart home will be widely landed and accelerated popularization is the direction of the industry's continuous efforts. Want to really in the market to promote in an all-round way, there are still a lot of pain points urgently to solve, such as an intelligent hardware corresponding to an APP, has not realized the real interconnection, interconnection of all things, which also sounded the alarm to smart home manufacturers. If we want to bid farewell to the savage growth period and accelerate the opening of the "gold digging" era, we need to return to the user's thinking, continue to establish an open and win-win smart home ecology, and accelerate the rapid landing of smart scenes.

Meet the needs of consumers to stand out

With the development trend of global intelligent technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and so on have been deeply integrated into our lives. For consumers, they do not care much about the trend of the industry, but for enterprises, only by meeting the needs of consumers can they help the industry to advance and stand out from it.

Adhering to the aim of bold innovation and excellence, the 2022 Smart Home Show will promote the development of the industry, and there will be more fresh and fresh highlights to present, gather global wisdom technology, and create a better life. For more information, welcome to the the Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE)