The current situation and future of smart home

AWE 2022 will be held 2022.3.17-20 at Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics companies at home and abroad provides a valuable opportunity to make home appliances and consumer electronics supply side and demand side can close communication, is to show consumers innovation platform to capture consumer demand at the same time and spot.

After the war of the gods of early intelligent electronic products, intelligent household industry began to step into the right track gradually in this dogfight, intelligent household kind is more and more also, bring convenience for the life of more people. From the beginning of the ordinary people in the "high-end products", now gradually known by ordinary people.

Development to now, smart home products in the development of technology has become more mature, the launch of the new function is also more considerate, enhanced practicality, fully cater to the market trend. At present, although there is still some distance from the large-scale market application stage of smart home, with the continuous innovation of 5G Internet of Things technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, coupled with the popularity of the concept of smart home, people will have a deeper understanding of the industry, the demand will be more and more.

In recent years, China's smart home shipments and market size grow rapidly, according to IDC report data show that in 2018, China's smart home market shipments 156 million units, year-on-year growth of 36.7%. China's smart home market shipments exceeded the 200 million mark in 2019, reaching 208 million units, up 33.5 percent from 2018. China's smart home shipment growth slowed in 2020 due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, with a year-on-year growth of 3 percent to 215 million units.

The intelligent home industry tends to perfect the construction of the interconnected ecology. Through perception, judgment and action, the roles of all walks of life are gradually defined, and the intelligent home is integrated into the development of the home furnishing field. This development trend also attracts many enterprises to start competing to enter the bureau, traditional home appliance manufacturers, Internet enterprises, security enterprises, AI enterprises all choose to enter the smart home market.

Intelligent household begins to change from analog to digital. Digital technology is more and more widely used in smart home system, digital signal than analog signal transmission rate, improve the transmission rate, reliability and confidentiality, to solve the analog signal vulnerable to interference or attenuation caused by signal loss.

Nowadays, intelligent household put down its tall cold body segment, be accepted by more and more common family gradually, also be accepted by common consumer place on the price. Present people, can choose the intelligent household system that belongs to oneself completely according to be fond of and need, realize individuation truly.

Adhering to the aim of bold innovation and excellence, the Smart home show in 2022 will promote the development of the industry, and there will be more fresh and fresh highlights to present, gather global wisdom technology, and create a better life. For more information, welcome to the Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE).