TCL star products launch at AWE, leading the direction of future technology

Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17 to March 20, 2022.As the industry vane, AWE not only guides the development trend of industrial products, but also guides the transformation of life style, providing a precious opportunity for domestic and foreign home appliances and consumer electronics enterprises. Enabling the supply and demand sides of home appliances and consumer electronics to communicate in close proximity is a platform to show innovation results to consumers and capture their needs and pain points.

AWE 2021 is regarded as the ultimate event of the industry, bearing two years of precipitation and expectation of the home appliance and consumer electronics industry, and appears in front of the world with a new look. Its theme is "AWE new Decade, Smart competition for the future". As the best interpretation and echo of this theme, TCL sent a heavy lineup to participate in the exhibition -- TCL Industrial, TCL Huaxing and Zhonghuan Semiconductor all exhibited their products. In addition, TCL also announced on the first day of the exhibition that it had reached strategic cooperation with EDG and released TCL game INTELLIGENT SCREEN C9.

Star products

In early March, TCL released a solution for whole-house smart home appliances -- TCL Luci C12, a full set of AI home appliances. Its "interconnecting" intelligent whole scene opening and instant transfer of multiple screens have attracted extensive attention and discussion from media and users.

Connectivity experience area

In the AWE 2021 "Soul connectivity" experience area, a full set of TCL SOUL C12 AI appliances were presented. HORIZON design not only perfectly balanced function and appearance, but also possessed humanistic color. This set of products is built based on the AI X IoT strategy, covering the needs of a variety of scenarios and realizing the cross-screen information transfer of the whole scene.

C9 Press conference site

In addition, C9 has also established TCL cloud game ecology, with its own high-quality hd licensed games; In terms of audio and video effects and game experience, the ultimate combination of Enbridge Hi-Fi audio + Meili Long color mixing chip with high color gambit screen can also meet users' various scene-oriented needs to the greatest extent.

At the same time, TCL Huaxing also exhibited a number of products, including the world's leading 10.1-inch dual-in-fold OLED display, which can achieve four changes in one screen and multiple experiences.

In 2021, TCL will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding. The "40th Anniversary" special exhibition area will be opened at AWE exhibition to show the development history of the company, explaining the historical moments along the way in detail and witnessing the rise of TCL as a great power brand.

TCL "40th Anniversary" Special Exhibition area

The core strength of TCL is behind the strong appearance of the star products. The extreme experience of interconnectivity brought by the full set of AI appliances of RINGwell C12 has attracted much attention, and HONGHU Laboratory is the engine of TCL racing AI X IoT track.

Many products and technologies, such as TCL's full range of AI appliances and Huaxing's 10.1-inch dual-in-folding OLED display, all indicate the infinite possibilities of life enabled by science and technology. TCL used a hand "king fried" and booked the exhibition's "C position" in advance.

Appliance&electronics World Expo (AWE) adheres to innovation and change, and has achieved continuous breakthroughs in scale, quality and global influence. It is one of the three top home appliances and consumer Electronics exhibitions in the world. For more information about the exhibition,welcome to the site of AWE 2022.