According to relevant data, after February 15th, many data showed a downward trend. The epidemic caused by new crown pneumonia is expected to be basically controlled by the end of April. Therefore, now everyone still needs to do a good job of epidemic prevention work.


Now it is spring, although the sun can be seen every day, the temperature is still very low, and sometimes it is accompanied by windy weather. It feels like a word, cold. For office workers who have resumed work, it is very painful to work at low temperatures without air conditioning. So can the air conditioner be turned on during the epidemic, if not, what is the reason? Next, Electronics expo will talk about this problem.


Can you turn on the air conditioner in an epidemic?


During the epidemic, whether the reworked enterprise can turn on the air conditioner depends on the situation. For example, central air-conditioning, if it is a company with complicated personnel, it is not recommended to turn on the central air-conditioning; if it is in your own home, indoor air-conditioning or central air-conditioning is installed, and the family is healthy, and there is no going out during the period, the air-conditioning is assured. Right.


Ordinary air conditioner


Although ordinary home air conditioners are connected to outdoor hook-ups, they are only used to carry energy and not for ventilation, so turning on ordinary air conditioners indoors will not help the virus.


If you are using ordinary air conditioners, family members need to pay attention to more ventilation to adjust the indoor air when using air conditioners. Users with conditions can place an air purifier in the room to better purify the indoor air environment.



 Central air conditioning


The most widely used household central air conditioner is multi-connection, which is made up of one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units connected in parallel. Therefore, in theory, the use of central air conditioning will more or less lead to different indoor air exchanges in the house. If there are suspected cases or patients in the home, the use of central air conditioning will promote the spread of the virus, which is why many hospitals have now turned off the central air conditioning.


In addition, some central air conditioners provide purification filtration or sterilization modules, which can be used with confidence after installation. If your family is healthy and you haven't been out during the period, central air conditioning should be safe. You should also pay attention to ventilation when using it. It is better to match with air purifier.


Under the current conditions, the entire environment including the central air-conditioning system should be disinfected. It is best to turn on the central air-conditioning only under the premise of ensuring safety.


Fresh air system air conditioner


The fresh air system will purify the outdoor air and continuously input it into the room. The user's house can exchange the indoor air with the purified air without opening the window. Installing fresh air can not only reduce indoor dust, but also quickly purify indoor air and shorten check-in time. It has been loved by many friends. So, can the central air conditioner with fresh air be turned on? The answer is yes.


Fresh air conditioners such as Gree, Haier, Sharp and other central air conditioners equipped with fresh air systems are very good. They can filter and purify indoor air and directly kill bacteria and viruses.


How to turn on the office air conditioner during the epidemic


Many people have a question. During the epidemic, can air-conditioning be used in offices and public places? I consulted relevant industry insiders and learned that air-conditioning can be turned on. However, the principle of using air-conditioning is to ensure that all incoming air is fresh air. No loops.


It is understood that when the air-conditioning ventilation system is an all-air system, the return air valve should be closed and run in a new air mode; when the air-conditioning ventilation system is a fan coil and a fresh air system, it should be ensured that the fresh air is taken directly from the outdoor. Days to run. When the air conditioning and ventilation system is a fan coil system without fresh air, doors or windows should be opened to enhance air circulation.


For shopping malls, office buildings and other places where people are relatively mobile, regardless of whether the air-conditioning system is running or not, full indoor ventilation should be ensured. After leaving the office every day, the fresh air and exhaust system should continue to run for 1 hour to ensure that the air is updated well. When it is opened the next day, it is the new air environment.



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