In addition to children's daily learning, more and more electronic products are exposed to their lives. Coupled with the special period, many schools are conducting online teaching. Frequent use of computers can easily lead to myopia due to eye fatigue. Therefore, Many parents are beginning to pay attention to children's eye health and vision protection. In addition to developing good eye habits, eye care products have also become a topic for parents. The eye care lamp is undoubtedly the focus of attention.


In the face of the dazzling eye protection lights on the market, many people are unable to get started. They don’t know how to choose. Not only are their functions similar, but their propaganda calibers are also very similar. So how to choose eye protection lights? The effect of vision?


At present, most eye protection lights start with anti-strobe and anti-blue light. As to what consequences they will have, there are divergent opinions on the Internet, and many contents are intentionally exaggerated by manufacturers for marketing purposes. In fact, the strobe and blue light generated by the lamp are related to the working principle and are irreversible factors. If the strobe and blue light are within a reasonable range, it will not cause damage to the eyes, so don't worry too much.



Why does the lamp have strobe? Can it be avoided?


The so-called strobe refers to the flickering of the light produced by the lamp, that is, the flicker phenomenon, but due to its high frequency and the "visual persistence" of the human eye, it is difficult to directly sense the light source in most cases Strobe.


Of course, with the development of technology, we have no longer used incandescent lamps, and even fluorescent energy-saving lamps are no longer commonly used. Due to their own needs, currently commonly used LEDs will use the corresponding drive circuit to process the power supply. In theory, non-dimmable LED lights have no flicker problem, but adjustable brightness LED lamps may use the PWM (pulse width modulation) method. Under low brightness conditions, there may be serious flicker, and some of them can be adjusted. Brightness and adjustable color temperature products usually do not have similar problems.


Is blue light harmful? How is it produced?


Blue light refers to light with a wavelength of 400-480nm. Due to the relatively high energy in this band, some people currently believe that if the blue light in this wavelength is excessive, the amount of toxins in the macular area will increase, affecting the fundus health. But in most cases, we don't have to worry about blue light at all. This is actually one of the important components of sunlight. We will be in contact every day, as long as it is within the normal range, it will not affect the eyes and vision.


Equally important are lighting uniformity, color rendering index, and anti-glare ability?


In addition to blue light and strobe, lighting uniformity and glare can cause eye fatigue. Among them, the uniformity of lighting is an issue overlooked by many users, because of the structure of the lampshade and the appearance design, even at the same height, the lighting range of different products is different.


For example, a spotlight can concentrate the light and focus on a certain area, but the desk lamp for study and work is just the opposite. The lighting range needs to cover the entire desktop, and it is best not to have obvious brightness attenuation, and there must be no center or surrounding. Too obvious difference.



What kind of eye protection lamp do you need?


It is not difficult to find through the above problems, in fact, a qualified and reliable lamp can basically meet the requirements of eye protection. Not only eye protection lamps can protect eyesight, ordinary table lamps can also do the same. However, we are not experts nor have testing equipment, it is difficult to judge whether a lamp meets standards and requirements. When choosing lamps, it is a simpler method to choose well-known brands and models with a good reputation.


For the current demand of home online classes, in addition to brands such as Panasonic and Optronics, BenQ WiT series is a good choice, because they launched products such as ScreenBar for notebooks and monitors. Unlike traditional desk lamps, they not only save space, they can be fixed At the top of the screen, achieve uniform lighting in front of the computer. At the same time, ScreenBar also takes care of anti-strobe and anti-blue light, and provides illumination and color rendering index for your reference.


However, the consumer electronics show suggests that we should not rely too much on eye protection lights. After all, this is only an auxiliary means. Good eye habits are the key. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, so that we can really avoid eye fatigue and myopia.


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