Entering the home appliance market in March is full of hopes and expectations from many home appliances people, and it also hides a series of changing market challenges and business dangers. For the entire home appliance industry, how should manufacturers of different sizes and strengths participate in the already-opened home appliance market in March? The home appliance show believes that there are three main opportunities.


Adjust your mindset

Adjustment of mentality, reconstruction of cognition. For home appliance manufacturers this year, it is crucial. The core is that you can't wait, you can't rely on it, and you can't hold on to the old-fashioned mentality of "changing with constant change." The current front-line market competition and contention rely on the initiative of "a little bit by little" to take the lead step by step, and finally the opponent can win by leaving behind.


The marketing personnel, shopping guide sales consultants, and even dealer bosses of all home appliance manufacturers must now establish a new understanding of the market: the impact of the epidemic on the home appliance industry is definitely not a short-term decline in revenue, sluggish demand, If you ca n’t make money, you will not be able to survive. Instead, it will bring about changes in the overall industrial structure, commercial competition, and means models in the medium and long term. Many companies will go out, and some companies will take the opportunity to grow.


In the adjustment of the mindset of many home appliance manufacturers, it is very important that all home appliance manufacturers must give up speculative thinking. I always thought that the brand popularity would be popular overnight, the product sales would be popular overnight, and the market activities would be popular overnight, but the mainstream consumer groups ignoring the entire home appliance industry were already undergoing continuous and changeable differentiation. To put it simply, "radish and vegetables, each with their own love" is more prominent, and the intuitive change that is brought about is that high-end, low-cost, and diverse and differentiated products for home appliance consumption can find users. On the contrary, mediocre products without characteristics and personality will never have a future.


So no matter in product research and development, or initiation of activities, or in the design of promotional methods, home appliance manufacturers must completely give up the thinking and mentality of "exploding overnight", not because "there are no absolute differences in products, and the activities are not sufficiently innovative. "Just wait, stop, let go, and move fast. Don't "grow up because of small things," or even "eat food because of misfortune." You must find the best way for you.


Can no longer wait

The market is always dynamic and the demand is always changing. Therefore, when February has passed and March is quietly coming, for home appliance manufacturers, if they are still using the excuse and reason of "the external market cannot be activated due to the epidemic situation", they are still waiting for the turning point of the market's next rebound opportunity. Then the opportunity is missed a little while waiting.


In the current home appliance market, at least 50% of home appliance manufacturers are still waiting and waiting, and more than 30% of home appliance manufacturers are facing a confusion of nowhere to go. On the one hand, there is hope and expectation for the rebound in home appliance consumption and blowouts after the epidemic, and I always feel that opportunities will come. I always want to wait; on the other hand, Ignore many manufacturers in the home appliance market, which have long since started to lock in through online live sales. Users just need to establish a new type of trading relationship, and never miss any business opportunities.


At any moment, when encountering any crisis, home appliance manufacturers must remember one thing next, that is, they can't wait and see, they can't wait, they must take the initiative to actively attack the sword. You can only explore new paths and find new directions in the process of braving the first-tier market. Staying in the office every day can't think of better tricks and methods. In the past 10 days, many home appliance dealers recently like to listen to live broadcasts and lectures, instead of not going to the front-line market.


In fact, some home appliance distributors, when they are unable to promote offline during the epidemic control period, cooperate with factories and agent operators to exert the power of shopping guides, sales consultants and salespersons, and not only organize their own online live broadcast promotion, It will also cooperate with some home improvement, home furnishing and other industry companies to conduct cross-border online promotion. Basically there are activities every week, and they are watching the trends of users every day.


Similarly, many leading home appliance companies have been tossing in the first-line market for more than 20 days. Some have helped offline merchants to sell online live goods, while others have helped offline merchants develop ideas for the March event. Nowadays, with the loosening of epidemic prevention and control measures in various places, problems such as door-to-door delivery, installation and distribution can be solved, and the market demand is quickly increased through "online drainage and offline delivery".


Fight protracted war

The overall operating rhythm of the current home appliance market has undergone a noticeable change. That is to say, in the past few years, many household appliance manufacturers rely on the "high-profile, high-definition, comprehensive detonation, full penetration" offline group, thousands of people snapped up, this year it is difficult to implement and land. Especially in the face of thousands of people's large-scale snapping and spike activities, it must be abandoned in stages. This is a dead end.


So how can home appliance manufacturers grab demand and cultivate users in the first-tier market? The best strategy is to establish the mentality of protracted warfare, combined with the means of guerrilla warfare. To establish long-term promotional activities, ideas and directions for promotional activities, not to stagnate and wait, increase the frequency and speed up, and develop activity plans on a weekly basis; flexible promotion and promotion should be adopted, especially online promotion and promotion. Do not doubt the correctness of the means, but continue to innovate the style and content design of the means.


Under this market situation, big events and big detonations cannot be planned, but small events and multi-frequency promotion and implementation are indispensable. Regardless of whether it is an online e-commerce or offline physical store, the key to selling goods is drainage, so you must plan promotional content that is closely related to the user. It is definitely not a single low price, but a corresponding content. For example, this week's focus is on healthy air products, and next week can be healthy cooking products.


At the same time, in the promotion of online activities, in addition to the professional knowledge explanation of shopping guides and sales consultants, you can also design experiential delivery in multiple scenarios of life. For example, the live broadcast room is placed in the home, and the corresponding experience of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and other spaces is directly used and directly operated, and the corresponding differentiated and characteristic products are brought out in the form of scenario stories, instead of forcing them. Sell. After interacting with Pass, consider selling.


Source: Appliance circle

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