Home appliance packages and scenario-based solutions on trend at AWE2023

Source: AWE

With the fast development of health-oriented, smart and green home appliance technologies, consumers have a higher demand for a high-quality, comfortable, and smart household life which can hardly be met by individual home appliance products. Besides, aesthetics is also a factor in play when consumers choose home appliances.


With unified style, home appliance packages and scenario-based solutions can well match the home furnishing of a household. Plus, these products can be interconnected to offer faster response to users’ needs and allow them to enjoy a smarter and more comfortable home life, which meet the expectations of current consumers for an ideal home.

Home appliance packages and scenario-based solutions have become a strong engine of growth. More than 90% of users in the survey are interested in purchasing home appliance packages and those with high income have particularly strong interest, according to Research Report of China’s Home Appliance Packages 2022 released by All View Cloud. The report says that the market size of domestic home appliance packages stood at 153.8 billion Yuan and is expected to reach 176 billion Yuan in 2023.

Home appliance players have put a lot of efforts in the development of home appliance packages and scenario-based solutions for many years. Two years ago, Haier, Hisense, TCL, Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Panasonic, Skyworth, Changhong, Robam, Fotile and HEGII displayed their home appliance packages in scenarios including living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom at AWE 2021 (AWE2022 was combined into the coming AWE2023 due to pandemic).


White Paper on China’s Home Appliance Packages 2021 released by CHEAA.com divides the development of home appliance packages into five stages: (1) the simple combination of individual products; (2) products with unified design are connected in a simple way; (3) the whole package is organized by function and can be controlled through an APP; (4) smart home appliances act as smart interfaces and are organized by scenario; (5) scenario-based eco-systems that offer services to consumers.

With the development of technology and home appliance packages, home appliances are designed to understand users’ needs in a better way and therefore offer a cross-space, dynamic and seamless experience. Haier Smart Home established a one-stop smart home customization platform that sets an example of empowering home appliance industry through a stretch into home furnishing and household life. Hisense’s TRÉSOR series of home appliance packages integrate Chinese culture and oriental aesthetics into design while offers interconnection and interaction within a smart home. Robam rolls out its “Mr. ROKI”, Robam Kitchen Intelligence system, to unveil its new era of digital cooking with its ROKI digital kitchen appliance packages designed to reshape the kitchen life of the Chinese consumers. Fotile’s Yueying Pro series unleashes the potential of kitchen appliance packages that cover cooking, cleaning and storage with its core technologies made in air, water and cooking.


Aside from home appliance enterprises, home appliance packages and scenario-based solutions also draw in tech heavyweights including Huawei, Xiaomi and Baidu who roll out platforms or hardware solutions surrounding smart home eco systems and cooperate with home appliance enterprises to establish smarter household life, which are recognized by many users.

AWE2023 will take place on April 27-30 2023 with cutting-edge technologies and products showcased by leading home appliance and high-tech enterprises, which will offer visitors immersive experience of the lifestyle in a smart home.


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