Latest trends of residential air conditioner industry to be unveiled at AWE2023

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China’s residential air conditioner industry posted robust sales that goes beyond expectation in Q1 2023 amid China’s economic recovery, the rebound of real estate sales and the rally of the pent-up retail market. With many air conditioner brands expanding production capacity in Q1, the combined production scheduling of the industry soared by 20% in March alone. And for February alone, retail sales of air conditioners surged by more than 40%.

It indicates big sales in the coming high season of air conditioner industry under the influence of many factors including pent-up demands due to the pandemic in 2022, low air conditioner inventory in 2023, low expectation for overseas demands, and a high chance of hot summer, which is not common in the past five years.

Before that, major industry players will flex their muscles at AWE2023 in Shanghai. As a top 3 home appliance and consumer electronics show, AWE is with no doubt the best stage for industry players to display how their new blockbusters offer a healthy, comfortable quality life. At AWE, the biggest trends of the industry will be unveiled.


Fresh air air conditioner

In the past year, fresh air air conditioner sector grew against the headwinds and made a rise of 20% in retail sales amid the overall dismal market, and it took an increased share of the market by retail sales both online and offline in 2022 though there still are technical pain points to be solved.

Gree will bring its two-way fresh air air conditioner to AWE2023. Different from the one-way micro-positive pressure technology which once was the mainstream of the market, the two-way air flow technology mechanically intakes and exhausts fresh air for bigger fresh air volume, higher ventilation efficiency, and high removal efficiency of carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

As the first industry player that put fresh air air conditioners on the market, Hisense upgrades its design this time with a front streamlined fresh air inlet coupled with two matrixed fresh air outlets. The fresh air and the cool air blown out of the air conditioner will be fully mixed at the air outlets to provide double-effect, strong fresh air with its multi-blade centrifugal fans.


TCL will bring its freshly released Blue Wing III fresh air air conditioner that boasts two-way air flow, breathable fresh air technology. Besides, it offers independent fresh air at constant temperature and uses self-cleaning technology to clean its fresh air pipe, which addresses many pain points of consumers.

Changhong will display its dust-free fresh air air conditioner at AWE2023. When the user turns on and off the air conditioner, the air deflector will be opened and closed accordingly to avoid dust buildup and therefore achieve 360° dust-free fresh air supply.


Born to improve indoor air quality, fresh air technologies used on air conditioners are iterated for more comfortable and cleaner air quality. Plus, many brands apply UVC bacteria killing technology and high temperature (above 55℃) self-cleaning technology on the evaporator of the indoor unit. Casarte’s Xingyun series creatively cleans indoor air with water while releases negative ions.

At AWE2023, industry insiders will see how health-oriented functions are added on air conditioners to make air conditioner the center of indoor room quality. Health-orientation is expected to be an important element that stimulates the replacement needs of consumers.

Comfortable wind technology

Before the rise of fresh air air conditioners, wind-free, gentle-wind or zero-wind technology has been the main field of competition. Now, the design of air deflector with air holes are everywhere. But still, many users expect more comfortable wind, and that’s why wind is always a key point of R&D for air conditioner industry.

At AWE2023, Casarte will display the soft wind mix of its Xingyun series that uses jet flow air supply technology to mix multiple gusts of winds at 0.5 meter away to combine 16℃ wind into 23℃ wind, which addresses complains of cold and sharp wind near air conditioner while expand the coverage of the air conditioner.

Gree’s Zhizun Series boasts zero temperature difference and independent heating and cooling system with cool wind blown up and warm wind blown down given the properties of air and natural convection. The vertical temperature difference in the room will be less than 0.3℃ at either heating or cooling mode.


Aux’s second generation Changxiangfeng air conditioner has two independent curved air deflectors with the number of air holes increased by 50% for bigger coverage and more comfortable wind.


Double defector design is adopted by many industry players including Skyworth on its zero wind 3.0 model and Hisense on its gentle wind system to elevate user experience.

Beyond that, temperature and humidity adjustment and smart control are also technical upgrade directions of the industry. YAIR will highlight its air conditioner with humidity removing function at AWE2023.

AWE2023 will showcase room air conditioners that integrate aesthetics, health and comfort, and with new blockbusters released onsite, it will deliver healthy, high-quality indoor life to consumers.


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Dates: 4.27-4.30 2023

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