Haier shows new achievements in air ecology at AWE

Haier shows new achievements in air ecology at AWE

China Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) started on March 14, 2019. On the occasion of Haier interconnected air-conditioner and fresh-air air-conditioner release ceremony, Haier introduced its new relevant achievements: the world’s first fresh-air self-cleaning air-conditioner and interconnected air-conditioners ( intelligent air-conditioners included), who tops the biggest sales overseas and the largest exports at home. In the aspect of air-conditioning, Haier’s technological innovation is not only recognized by users but also imitated by peers, becoming the standard-setter in the field. In the aspect of air, Haier’s healthy air program obtains the differentiation advantage compared with others, deserving the title of “navigator” in this field.

“External circulation”, the highlight and innovation of fresh-air air-conditioner


Since the birth of the air conditioner more than 100 years ago, ‘internal circulation” is the mainstream air-outlet mode. But after closing the door and window for a long time when air-conditioners operate, that users live in the airtight room will contribute to higher CO2 concentration and lower O2 concentration. In order to solve this problem, many users elect fresh-air blowers at home, yet leaving indoor temperature and air regulation unsolved.

The full-space, full-dimensional air self-regulation solution released by Haier on March 13 becomes a differentiation advantage in the industry. At AWE, Haier launched its leading achievements: the world’s first fresh-air self-cleaning air-conditioner adopting “external circulation”. The adopted dual-power air purification technology, the same as the “external circulation” of automobile air-conditioner, keeps the indoor air always fresh. On that day was officially released the industry’s first 'fresh-air air-conditioner' standard led by Haier. Through regulations on fresh-air conditioner indicators, product quality and consumer needs for health are guaranteed, further strengthening the pilot status of Haier.


Haier air-conditioner, the representative of the Chinese brands at overseas


Chinese air-conditioners are exported in two modes: OEM and brand creation, the former accounting for a larger proportion. but this mode aiming at earning foreign exchange dividends lies at the bottom of the global industrial value chain, unhelpful in the export of private brands.


Since the beginning of its export in the 1990s, Haier has persisted in creating its own brand to serve as a business card of Chinese air-conditioners and become the global leader after gaining worldwide recognition. According to Euromonitor International, Haier has made remarkable achievements in private brand export, ranking first among China’s independent brands for two consecutive years. At AWE, Haier built a “skyscraper” with over 170 “Haier air conditioning walls” collected across the globe, forming the world’s largest brand LOGO in the 500㎡-display-area. From a video broadcast at the exhibition, we can see the “Wall” appearing in China, India, Pakistan, Russia, America and other countries who are the witness of Haier’s brand export.

Haier Interconnected air-conditioner, the peak of the industry


Euromonitor international data shows that the globally connected air-conditioner has entered the embryonic stage since 2012 when Haier first launched the connected air-conditioner (including intelligent air-conditioner), becoming the global leader in the industry. In 2013, Haier exported its intelligent air-conditioners to Italy for the first time, marking the beginning of its overseas journey and of transformation into a high-end brand. So far, these products have been exported to more than 60 countries to improve indoor air experience for global users. According to Euromonitor International, an authoritative research institution: Haier is the No.1 brand of connected air-conditioners (including intelligent air-conditioners), accounting for 30.9% of the retail market sales in 2018, which is also the third time for Haier to be No.1.


For example, Haier builds the largest intelligent community in Russia. As early as in 2015, Haier and Russian real estate developers have built a smart community to meet youth’s needs for convenience and intelligence. Now, there are 25,000 air conditioners on 141 buildings in 8 smart communities and the 25,000 logos constitute the largest “Haier Wall”.


Under the guidance of human and demand union, Haier focuses on the globalized layout to represent the highest level, the industrial technology trend, future development direction, the Chinese image abroad and the realization of social value.