Midea I youth, a hanging air-conditioner, your mind-reader

Midea I youth, a hanging air-conditioner, your mind-reader


This air conditioner a curved appearance design, three-dimensional texture panel to cater to the fashionable pursuit of the modern simple life. Its VLED transparent intelligent screen will present itself when it turns on, and hide when off. On the whole, the I youth air-conditioner (KFR-26GW/WCEN8A1) gives a sense of flowing fashion. Installed in the bedroom, it adds a touch of vivid color to the indoor decoration style.


Adopting high-frequency cooling and heating technology, a rare-earth compressor with variable frequency, the I youth air-conditioner has a high strike frequency up to 65 Hz, significantly shortening the starting time to cool in the 30s and heating in 60s. It is worth mentioning that its energy efficiency ratio is as high as 4.95, superior to the national standard of 4.5. The higher the ratio is, the more electricity can be saved. In summer when air-conditioner works for a whole night, you can shake off the pressure of power consumption as long as you choose ECO to pick the fine control eight-hour cooling mode because the compressor runs stably at an ultra-low frequency on that condition. Even in such a high-intensity working state, this air conditioner consumes less electricity, so its a good choice for economical families. Moreover, when you press the anti-direct blowing button, this air-conditioner can automatically adjust the wind speed, running frequency and wind angle through intelligent algorithms to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly and avoid the condensation, leakage and other problems caused by manual control of the louver.



Another humanized design is intelligent light-sensing technology that enables the air conditioner to automatically lower wind speed and turn down display brightness when you turn off the light for your sleep at night. Its outstanding mute quality can promise people sensitive to sound. Further, it can provide diversified sleep modes to users of different groups and genders according to different seasons, solving the problem of the mismatching between air-conditioner operation and body temperature of people at sleep. With this air-conditioner, all users can get a satisfying sleep.


Heat exchange system is the core component of the air conditioner. After long-time functioning, the evaporator inside the air-conditioner will be covered with dust, grease, which will lead to air pollution, odor, and affect its heat dissipation efficiency. Then, the cooling and heating effect will be influenced, further shortening the service life of the air conditioner. To avoid it from happening, Midea launches a self-cleaning system to rescue the cooling and heating performance by killing the dust and sending clean and hygienic wind. Besides, the outdoor machine can also maintain clean likewise. The outdoor machine of this air-conditioner can blow dust on it by rotating its fan in the opposite direction after turning down the air-conditioner. The cleanness of the outdoor machine contributes to the long-time energy-saving of the machine. At the same time, this air conditioner also has a dehumidification function. Dehumidification is also an essential part for users, especially for those in the south with the rainy weather. Shutting the mold out of the door is the start for users to enjoy a comfortable life.


In addition, it is also equipped with an intelligent living system, which can be remotely controlled by the corresponding APP on your phone, enabling you to monitor its operation in real-time and make an appointment for your desired temperature.