The 2ndChina Real Estate Fine Decoration Forum

Keywords: Intelligence, Standard, Customization

Time: 14:00 pm on March10th, 2017

Place: 3F, Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Jumeirah Himalayas HotelShanghai

ONE. Forum Topic:

Intelligence,Standard and Customization

With the gradual implementation ofthe hardbound room policy in various provinces, the "All-Decoration"era is approaching and the "Blank Housing" era is on the way out.This Forum will explore a better cooperation and win-win situation betweenhousehold appliance industry and real estate industry around the concept of“fine decoration” by analyzing “intelligent, standard and customized” realestate project cases and combining the current development policies and trendof fine decoration. Therefore, the additional value of developers’ projects isincreased, and the household appliance enterprises can gradually complete thetransformation from “functional satisfaction” to “intelligent shared hoisting”,finally achieve profit and value sharing.

TWO. Main Audience

Top 100 real estate purchasers,famous cost designers, over 150 household appliance suppliers (including 40premium brands), over 50 architecture designers and audience of AWE.

THREE. MainTopics

1. Interpretation on policies ofreal estate and household appliance industries to authoritative associateexperts;

2. Interpretation ondevelopment trend of fine decoration of real estates;

3. Analysis on the prospect ofhousehold appliance industry based on household appliance data consultingagencies;

4. Real estate developerrepresentatives’ sharing on real estate fine decoration projects;

5. Household appliancecompanies’ attempts on the intelligent home and fine decoration;

6. Renowned designers’ sharing onarchitectural design.

FOUR. Agenda

The host: Ms. TANG Qian, chiefeditor of Sina Real Estate Net ( and deputy director ofChina Real Estate Purchase Platform


1) Welcomeremarks by organizers


Vice President of China RealEstate Association, ZHANG Liwei

Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliance Association, XU Dongsheng

2) Keynotespeech

Judgment on Current Situation and Future of Real Estate Industry

Speaker: Chief Research Officer ofCRIC Research Center, LIN Bo

3) Keynotespeech: All Decoration System ofResidential Project of CIFI Group (TBC)

Speaker:ExecutiveVice President of CIFI Group, CHEN Dongbiao

4) Keynotespeech: Fine Decoration Strategy of Hangzhou Vanke (TBC)

Speaker: GeneralManager of Vanke (Hangzhou), LI Wei

5) Opportunities in FineDecoration for Household Appliance Industry (TBC)

Speaker: GfK Group, Alfred ZHOU

6) Speechesfrom Industrial Chain Representatives (supplier representatives):

Speaker: Vice President and CSO ofBSH Home Appliances (China) Co., Ltd., WANG Weiqing

7) New Trendsin Architectural Design (TBC)

Speaker: Famous Japanesearchitectural designer and chief designer of Tokyo Olympic Venue, Kengo Kuma.

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