Smart Life: FromHorizon to Cloud

----- 2017 China HouseholdElectrical Appliance Development Summit

The Seventh“China Household Electrical Appliance Development Summit” will be held on March9, 2017 in Shanghai. As the supreme theme forum of the organizer duringAWE2017, it is also a top-grade annual event in the household electricalappliance industry in China. The core tenet of China Household ElectricalAppliance Development Summit has been “promoting industrial communication,advancing industrial development and boosting brand dissemination” all along.The Summit this year will still be organized by China Household ElectricalAppliances Association, an authoritative organization in the industry ofhousehold electrical appliances, with cooperation with such authoritative mediaas CCTV in organization and promotion. The speaking and dialogue guests willinclude a lot of elites who will present brilliant diversified ideas andthoughts.

The Summit isexpected to have 1000 participants, and relevant information will bedisseminated three-dimensionally on such media as CCTV and Netease news.  

I. Background of the Summit

On HANNOVERMESSE held in April 2013, Germany officially proposed the countywidedevelopment of “Industry 4.0”; two years later, in 2015, the Chinese governmentofficially issued the strategy of Smart Manufacturing 2025. With themajor industrial countries successively specifying the direction ofmanufacturing industry transforming to intellectualization, the impact of IT asa result of the Third Industrial Revolution on the human beings is graduallydeveloped in an interwoven manner from the points, surfaces and lines ofinformation communication, rapidly conducted to each aspect of the lifeincluding clothes, food, residence and traveling, which further leads to theFourth Industrial Revolution unanimously predicted in the “field of theory” –intelligent technology.

From internetof things (Iot) to internet of everything (IoE), especially with thesubstantial development of “artificial intelligence” technology resulting fromthe “deep learning” in the past five years, the people are no longer satisfiedwith the limitation of “intellectualization” to the virtual world; instead,they will transform the infinite imagination given by internet to the humanbeings into reality and use “intellectualization” in our neighborhood,community and city to create smart life together.

Since theFirst China Household Electrical Appliance Development Summit held in 2011, theSummit has been focused on the transformation of household electrical applianceindustry in China, from improving innovation capacity in all aspects toactively promoting globalization, and to focus on the rising of smart householdelectrical appliances and the overturning changes brought about by internetmarketing …we still remember the “different opinions” given by large brands andsmall and medium-scale brands on the Summit as well as the argumentation on“whether hardware or software will finally dominate smart household electricalappliances”.

Today, withthe approaching of the Seventh Summit, we find that transition of China’shousehold electrical appliance industry from large-scale manufacturing tolarge-scale customization is no longer a dream, and the space of innovationbrought by smart manufacturing is no longer limited to products themselves butit also extends to innovative mechanism and mode. And related to householdelectrical appliance enterprises are no longer only the upper and lower reachindustrial chain in traditional sense, but it is the whole “ecosphere” joiningin the construction of a smart society.  

Now there isstill a lot of foundation work to be done and smart life is still far away, butfrom horizon to cloud, the enterprises in the ecosphere have been busy.Research on basic technology, matchmaking and unity of safety standard,large-scale application of industrial internet of things, greater humanizationand interconnection of smart products, preliminary pilot of smart community andthe internet of everything taking shape …

The newsituation is being developed!

II. Theme of the Summit--

  Smart Life: from horizon to cloud

From theposition and perspective of manufacturing industry, we may describe the worldof internet of things or internet of everything like this: it connects tovarious consumption scenes and provides various life services on one end, andconnects to various production scenes and provide various production serviceson the other end, thus to realize the end-to-end integration fromconsumption to production. Through the sensors distributed on life andproduction sides including each part of our body as well as the pervasivecommunication network, such services will give real-time response to variousoffline scenes.

Just as A.T.Kearney puts it, the future is “pervasive but invisible” intellectualization.To realize such a smart life, we need not only the deliberate safety and systemstructures beneath the “horizon”, but also various running smart terminals(including household electrical appliances and cars…) above the “horizon” aswell as the data flow from “horizon” to “cloud”. In addition, we require such“need” to be met under the precondition of safety and to create value for us.

For theSummit this year, the organizer intends to invite enterprises of each level“from horizon to cloud” to have discussion centered on such topics as thefuture and trend of smart life, present situation of artificial intelligenceand intelligence and safety.

III. Structure and SpeakingDirection of the Summit

Time: March9, 2017, 2:00 – 5:00pm

Venue:Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai

Registration:starting at 2:30pm

Opening ofthe Summit: 3:00pm

1.Introduction of honorable guests by the master of ceremony: 3:00 – 3:05

Ma Hongtao,master of ceremony for Finance Program of CCTV

2. Speechdelivered by official: 3:05 – 3:10

3. Keynotespeeches to be invited:

l  Keynote speech 1: LIANG Haishan,Chairman on Duty of Haier 3:10 – 3:30

Typicalrepresentative of China’s household electrical appliance enterprises, speakingdirection:

1. Where arethe advantages and opportunities, or the most important force points forChinese household electrical appliance enterprises in the process oftransformation to intelligent manufacturing?

2. Whatachievements have leading Chinese household electrical appliance enterprisesgained in terms of intellectualization? What roles has the present artificialintelligence technology played in the technical upgrading of householdelectrical appliance products?

3. In thefuture smart life scenario, what roles different from now will householdelectrical appliances play in life? What overturning changes will take place inthe future in the household electrical appliance industry?  

l  Keynote speech 2: Dr. Dr. KarstenOttenberg, CEO of BSH Home Appliances, 3:30 – 3:50

Typicalrepresentative of international household electrical appliance enterprises,speaking direction:

Firstly,introduce the understanding of BSH Home Appliances about smart manufacturingand smart home appliances, the key fields and directions of distribution andthe achievements already gained presently.

Secondly,introduce the opinions of BSH Home Appliances about China’s intellectualizationmarket as well as its new technologies, products and strategies accordingly.

And thirdly,introduce the outlook of BSH for the future development of smart life. In BSH’sopinion, what is the technical difficulty most urgent to be solved for theultimate goal of China’s household electrical appliance industry to embracesmart life? And what strategies have BSH made for that?

l  Keynote speech 3: JD.COM , YanXiaobing ,President of JD Home Appliances    3:50 – 4:10

Representativeof circulation enterprises, speaking direction:

According tothe present theories, in the ultimate scenario of future smart life, “seamlessconnection” will be realized between consumption and production, and “smartmanufacturing” may ensure unobstructed “point-to-point” communication betweenthe consumption end and manufacturing end. In such a future, how willcirculation enterprises in a traditional sense play their roles?

l  Keynote speech 4: Mao Zhongqun,President of Fotile Group  4:10 – 4:30

Representativeof medium-sized kitchen electrical appliance industry, speaking direction:

In theprocess of the whole society transitioning and transforming tointellectualization and smartness, what countermeasures and adjustments will bemade in the corporate strategy and product strategy of Fotile Group as anenterprise “led by kitchen electrical appliances” in China’s householdelectrical appliance industry? In particular, in China, the kitchen electricalappliance enterprises must not only face the performance upgrading of thetraditional “kitchen ventilator, cooking utensil and sterilizer”, but also facethe appearance and development of new types (such embedded products asmicro-steaming oven and dish washer) demanded by the consumers. Between the newand old demand, how may intellectualized upgrading be added to reservesufficient space for the future smart household and community?

l  Keynote speech 5: Yu chengdong,President of Huawei    4:30 – 4:50

Representativeof third party IT service enterprises, speaking direction:

As the thirdparty representative of IT, Huawei has the advantage that it has a moreprofound understanding about “internet”, but its disadvantage lies in itsinsufficient understanding about household electrical appliance manufacturing.How will this contradiction be faced? For the future smart life, what role doesHuawei think it will play in the development trend of household electricalappliance industry? In water manner should IT enterprises and householdelectrical appliance manufacturers cooperate to play a more important role inthe early realization of smart life?  

IV. Release ofinterconnection standard of Smart Home Appliances: 4:50 – 5:20

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