On December 12, 2018, the China Household Electrical Appliance Association held a press conference in Guangzhou to announce the 2019 China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household with the theme of “Intellectual Integration, Smart Future”, which will be held on October 24-26, 2019. The day will be held in Hall 1-5, Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shunde District, Foshan City.




  Promote the high-end transition of the home appliance industry chain


  Guangdong is a major province of home appliance manufacturing in China; Shunde has a reputation as the capital of home appliances. In the history of home appliances development in 40 years or more, Guangdong has accumulated a solid industrial base, formed a prominent industrial advantage, and established the entire industrial chain foundation and industrial atmosphere of home appliance R&D, production, logistics and trade. In Shunde alone, more than 3,000 home appliance companies have been concentrated, and the total production value accounts for 15% of the total value of the national appliance industry. It can be said that Shunde has become one of the indicators of the development of China's home appliance industry.


  In recent years, China's home appliances have started the process of transition to the high-end industrial chain. From the “Basic -Manufacture” to the “Powerful-Manufacture”, the home appliance industry must face the new trends and new kinetic energy of innovation and development, and be able to remain invincible. . This determines, on the one hand, ' To be a blacksmith, you need to be tough yourself', the enterprise must cultivate its internal strength and realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing; on the other hand, it must introduce the 'building a nest then attracting the phoenix' The “going out” of “Peacock Flying Southeast” is combined to accelerate the pace of internationalization. An important way to show innovation, absorb innovation, develop innovation, and lead innovation is to hold international exhibitions and provide a broader development platform for all parties.



  As we move towards a new journey, China's home appliance industry is being integrated into the tide of the world's network, information and intelligence. The boundaries of traditional industries are gradually disappearing. Cross-border integration brings prosperity to ideas and innovative methods, guiding new fields and new models. Develop in depth. The advanced technology that has been preserved in the imagination has been continuously broken, showing the world a new life picture of “the future has come”.



  Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the Shunde District Party Committee, pointed out that in the new era and new backgrounds, China's home appliance industry must adapt to the trend and create a brand-new, all-round display of new technologies and new directions in the global household appliances and consumer electronics industries, and with Internet technology. A new display of platform is that compatible with the integration of production, learning, research and sales, and enjoys the integration of wisdoms. Therefore, the China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances came into being at the right time.


  Expanding the radiation radius of Chinese household appliances

  At the press conference, Jiang Feng, Chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliance Association, elaborated on the concept and ideas of the exhibition.

                                                            Jiang Feng, Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliance Association


Jiang Feng pointed out that 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China Household Electrical Appliance Association. Over the years, the Association has been committed to promoting cooperation, exchange, development, and progress in China's home appliance industry, promoting energy-saving, healthy and intelligent new technologies, new standards, and strengthen consumer awareness and promotion of China's home appliances 'going out' and other aspects have made outstanding contributions.


Jiang Feng pointed out that China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances will be positioned in the home appliance and consumer electronics industry exhibition to promote exchanges and cooperation within the industry as a starting point, and strive to enhance the manufacturing power, innovation and influence of the Guangdong home appliance industry, forming a complete machine. Enterprise and commercial home appliance manufacturers, OEM purchasers, complete machine companies and zero-support, raw materials, equipment suppliers, international buyers, and service providers such as testing, certification, intellectual property, industrial design, IT, etc.


Its vision is based on Shunde, with Guangdong as the core, gradually radiating the national and global appliance manufacturing industry. Jiang Feng pointed out that China's home appliance industry is facing profound changes - from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, from following imitation to technological innovation, from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, from domestic sales to internal and external, from the line The downward movement of sales to the offline line, from the emphasis on scale to the emphasis on brand and quality, in a word, China's home appliance industry is on the road to transformation and upgrading. 'At the turning point of the industry, by holding large-scale professional exhibitions with domestic and international influence, it will form a strong promotion for Guangdong home appliance enterprises and consumer electronics companies, thus serving the domestic and international home appliances and consumer electronics industries, for the majority of consumers, The domestic and foreign media will present a splendid technology innovation feast with unprecedented scale, clear theme, rich content and diverse content. This will effectively promote the Guangdong appliance and consumer electronics industry to enter a benign development track.'


  She believes that China (Guangdong International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances which will be held in Shunde will build a comprehensive service platform integrating home appliance industry trading, display, exchange, investment, service, and cross-border integration. This platform is not only an important path for the implementation of supply-side reform in Guangdong's household electrical appliance industry but also a major measure to implement China's “the Belt and Road Initiatives‘’. It will certainly lead the new trend of the development of home appliances and consumer electronics industry in Guangdong and even the whole country, and will surely promote the health and stability of the industry.


   Chen Jing, Brand Director of the Exhibition Department of China Household Electrical Appliance Association, gave a brief introduction to the specific content of this exhibition.


  It is reported that the China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances has an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, which is mainly divided into five major blocks, namely, the brand image hall, the kitchen, and bathroom appliance hall, the living electrical appliance hall, the intelligent wisdom building, and the home appliance industry hall. One of the pavilions will mainly showcase the brand experience of first-line home appliance enterprises at home and abroad; the second pavilion will focus on the innovations of kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, kitchen appliances, etc. The third hall mainly involves cleaning appliances, personal care, health appliances, Heating appliances, environment, and health appliances; Hall 4 will focus on smart home products, smart TV, 3C, digital products, smart home, smart hardware, Internet of things、smart cars, robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, New trend products such as wearable devices; Hall 5 focuses on home appliance parts and ancillary services.

  During the exhibition, a series of supporting activities will be held, such as the Innovation International Forum for Promoting the Upgrade of Household Appliances Consumption and the International Summit Forum for Manufacturing Upgrade. At that time, the 2019 China Household Appliance Technology Conference is also scheduled to be held in Shunde.


  Five advantages to build a new platform for China's home appliance display

  The 2019 China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances also has a very obvious advantage. The organizer summarized the exhibition with all-round, strong focus, big platform, wide communication and deep influence. Chen Jing pointed out that this exhibition has opened up the ecosystem of home appliances, consumer electronics and smart industries, and the upstream and downstream of the linkage industry chain. It has displayed the latest developments in home appliances and consumer electronics industries, as well as smart products and Internet technologies. The world's cutting-edge development trends and innovative products have become the stage for China's home appliance enterprises to demonstrate transformation and upgrading, supply-side structural reforms and the 'three products' strategic achievements.


  This exhibition gathers the home appliance industry and the consumer electronics industry giants to showcase the latest technological trends in the world, highlight the user experience awareness, and bring a high level of exhibition experience and lead the traditional industry with a record scale and cutting-edge new products. Transforming and upgrading; gathering experts in the global home appliance and consumer electronics industry to comprehensively explore the development trend of the global home appliance and consumer electronics industry in the Internet era.


  In addition, China (Guangdong) International Expo for Electrical Household Appliances gathers global sales giants in the home appliance and consumer electronics industries to create a “global buy, global sell” industry trading platform. The main service targets of this exhibition are from professional sellers and buyers all over the world. It is a professional exhibition display and trading platform integrating global new home appliances, new products and professional suppliers and distributors.



  Shunde is known as the 'home appliance kingdom'. It is the frontier and birthplace of the domestic appliance industry. The brand reputation is gaining popularity and its activity credible, which is enough to support and further enhance the grade positioning of related brands. This exhibition invites a strong media lineup. The cooperative media will adopt a comprehensive, multi-angle and deep-level publicity and promotion method to integrate domestic high-quality media resources. Hundreds of media will join forces, cross-promote and follow up reports, and pass the level. The cross-media communication method combined with vertical double has a wide arrival rate, high audience recognition and large return value.


  The “master team” with high specifications and high standards and the “strong supporting” from all levels of government in Guangdong Province has made the exhibition an unusual performance in terms of authority, uniqueness and attention, which is beneficial to enterprises. In the future, more administrative resources and support for social resources will be laid. Furthermore, this conference is based in Guangdong, facing the whole country, radiating the world, and promoting the successful implementation of the national scheme‘the Belt and Road Initiatives’ which is conducive to enhancing the cultural content of the brand, enhancing market competitiveness and influence, and further expanding the business blueprint to the world market.

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