Different from the development of traditional white electricity, kitchen appliances and consumer electronics, environmental appliances such as water purifiers, air purifiers and fresh air system have been upgraded to respond to users demand, and they have attracted capital attention in recent years. It has become a new force that cannot be ignored in the home appliance industry. In AWE2019, environmental appliances and traditional home appliances, compared with consumer electronics, are also attracting attention from the big brands. They are also leading the technology trend to black technology. It is also driving the industry to raise brand awareness. The value of AWE is fully reflected on environmental appliances.



As a home appliance and consumer electronics expo that is in line with Germany's IFA and US CES, in addition to attracting top manufacturers and excellent technology companies, AWE is better than CES and IFA, even in the industry aspect. People usually say that the place with the greatest demand for environmental electrical appliances is in China. Participating in AWE is the best exposure opportunity, which can effectively enhance brand competitiveness, market position, and popularize health awareness and promote leading technologies. Therefore, the Environmental Appliances Pavilion has also been extremely hot in recent years, attracting participators from well-known environmental electrical brands in domestic and abroad. It is also based on this that many leading companies in the water purification industry have given up their participation in the Amsterdam Water Show and selected the key highlights in AWE.



Interpret brand vitality and lay the foundation of the industry



Although the history of environmental appliances is not long, for them, AWE is the best platform for displaying products, interpreting brands and even attracting investment. From any angle, AWE has always been the first choice for well-known brands and top products. Judging from the current exhibition situation of AWE2019, not only Haier, Midea, Gree and other major appliance manufacturers will bring water purification products to the show, AO Smith, Philips, Pentair, 3M, COWAY, Caligan and other foreign companies will also focus on this area. In addition, Yunmi, Kaineng, Aiport and other professional water purification companies will also be onsite.


It is worth mentioning that compared with similar exhibitions, the value of AWE is not only reflected in the brand awareness of attracting exhibitors, but more importantly, as a global technology wind vane, AWE is the bridgehead and vanguard of the mainstream technology of the company that year, therefore, in March Shanghai will blow the water purification industry and become the first choice to attract mainstream companies to first introduce new products, announce new technologies and attract investment. For example, AO Smith's 'MAX3.0 Plus long-acting reverse osmosis water purifier', Yunmi's 'ERO + AI water purifier' and Angel's new central water purifier have chosen to focus on AWE.

Focus of capital and market.



In addition, the author also learned from the organizers that in the context of a relatively stable domestic water purifier market, exhibitors will no longer display products and technologies in a single way, and more applications will be integrated into different home environments and applicable scenarios, from the single kitchen water purification equipment expands to the soft water for kitchen washing, the water purification products combined with the water heater for bathing, and the desktop water purification products such as the study room and bedroom, which cover the whole house purification. Even cross-border products such as commercial net drinking water equipment and public drinking water equipment will come to the AWE2019 site, and these industry-leading products and technologies are rare at other exhibitions.


For environmental electrical companies, AWE is more like a golden sign. Based on the multiple values delivered by the AWE platform, it has been favored and participated by many foreign brands. Taking Philips Water Health as an example, Philips Water Health, which has been the main battlefield of Amsterdam International Water Show and International Building Materials Furniture Exhibition, is also an unprecedented emphasis on AWE. The author was informed that on the upcoming AWE2019, Philips Water Health will release a new “Water Health” global business layout strategy. In addition to the Philips Whole House Drinking Water Solution with Water Shield Technology as its core-technology, Philips Heating System Solutions, Sanitary System Solutions and Fresh Air System Solutions will be launched to create high quality homes through innovative products and technologies. In addition, water purification brands such as 3M, Conley, Pentair and other internationally renowned resellers will also participate in AWE as an annual event.


Interpret technology trends and promote industrial progress





In this “black technology” show that promotes the cross-border integration of traditional home appliances and emerging fields, AWE insists on creating “user value” and promotes all-round multi-levels communication between capital, technology, industry, channels and consumption. In other words, the appearance of AWE is not only to highlight the brand value, but also to establish the status of the industry. For environmental electrical exhibitors, users and distributors, AWE can discover technology trends, explore industry standards, observe product changes and analyze market patterns.


In the upcoming AWE2019, mainstream companies are paying attention to the whole field of water purification or multi-scenario water purification, which continues to rise. For example, Haier has been promoting the “Wholesale of Whole House Drinking Water” through network interconnection, cloud platform data sharing, real-time monitoring, reminding and warning of the whole house water quality, filter cartridges and other consumables usage, and can be extended to some extent. Providing users with an active, one-stop service will become a major trend in future water purification equipment.


Concerned about indoor respiratory health, fresh air companies aim at AWE




The air purifier is also an integral part of the environmental electric appliance exhibition hall. Many home appliance manufacturers and professional environmental electrical appliances companies will also bring air purifiers and fresh air equipment while displaying water purification products. It is learned from the organizers that at present, Haier, Midea, AO Smith, 3M, Sharp, Samsung, LG, Yuanda, Lake and other enterprises will all showcase air purifier products, such as Yuanda, Yuting, Zhongke Ruisai and other enterprises. Bring a new wind device standing on the air outlet.


With the reduction of smog, the air purifier with aldehyde removal function and the fresh air system with ventilation function have gradually become a highlight in the environmental electric appliance exhibition hall when the outdoor air is gradually turning better. Taking the exhibitor AO Smith as an example, the key innovations that have been carefully crafted over the past three years, in addition to the formaldehyde air purifier, will undoubtedly become the highlight of the environmental appliance exhibition hall. The formaldehyde accurate digital monitoring system is standard and can be on the body. It is reported that AO Smith's benchmarking of American WELL building standards can quickly reduce the indoor formaldehyde to the national standard safety concentration. The core secret of achieving a huge performance breakthrough lies in the innovative research and development of high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filter, which can increase the adsorption efficiency of formaldehyde by more than 2 times. In addition, the four-layer and eight-sided filter structure and layer filtration further increase the contact area between activated carbon and air, and capture more formaldehyde molecules to continuously reduce the formaldehyde concentration and create a healthier and safer living environment for consumers.


Compared with other home appliances, the characteristics of environmental electrical appliances are distinct. In the early stage of the development of the industry, it is inseparable from the support of agents and distributors. The attraction of the industry is also one of the advantages of AWE compared to CES, IFA and Amsterdam Water Show. As we all know, AWE attracts a large number of high-quality professional visitors and agents, distributors and other industry resources every year, which has always been AWE's proud capital. This also means that for environmental electrical companies, companies that are unveiled at AWE can easily reap the cooperation and orders with agents and distributors.

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