After the overall downturn in the market performance in 2017, the TV industry entering 2018 has not ushered in the dawn. Although the price decline from the upstream panel and the lack of brand and channel, the market retail volume in the first half of 2018 ushered in a recovery, but in the third quarter, there was a sharp decline in sales. It can be said that there is still a lot of uncertainty in the overall environment of the TV market.


However, throughout the industry's new product release trend, major black power companies are still able to maintain a positive and optimistic research and development enthusiasm. Because everyone has seen the irreversible trend of consumer upgrades, with the large-scale rise of the middle class, the enjoyment of video and audio has become more and more valued by consumers, and the resulting technological evolution needs cannot be ignored. Every company hopes to break through the Red Sea and return to value competition. The new stage is just in sight!


As a consumer electronics exhibition that is in line with Germany's IFA and US CES, AWE's influence is rising year by year. As one of the world's largest home appliance products fairs, the dazzling and exciting audio and video technology exhibits have been the protagonists of the past years. On March 14-17, 2019, Chinese consumers will welcome a visual feast, including Sony, Sharp, LG, Samsung, TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Haier and other first-line TV brands. All will bring their strongest products to AWE, technical terms such as OLED, QLED, 8K, AI, HDR, HFR, Dolby Atmos will continue to blow your mind.


Open consumers’ 8K year


The 8K concept is not new, and many companies have demonstrated 8K TV products this year at AWE. But 2019 must be different. 8K TV is no longer just at the conceptual level, but is starting to really go to market. In Japan, 8K TV programs will be officially aired from December 1 this year, and the Tokyo Olympics will be broadcast in 8K. It is said that Japan has launched several communication satellites for 8K video broadcast. According to Sharp President Dai Zhengwu, relevant state ministries and commissions, as well as film and television associations and other institutions are advancing China's 8K content process.


In the tradition of the Chinese market, the evolution of hardware must be faster than software. AWE 2019 is very close to the Tokyo Olympics, and the 8K TV product is imminent.

Following this year's Sharp showcased the world's first mass-produced 8K TV at AWE, Sharp has launched the second-generation 8K Aquos LCD TV AX1 series. Compared with the previous generation, the main highlights are a new screen and a new image. Processor, three is AI algorithm




At the 'China International Import Expo', which is in full swing, Samsung demonstrated the Q900R QLED 8K TV with 8K artificial intelligence enhancement technology and announced its entry into the 8K market. Samsung on the AWE 2019, the production-grade 8 TV show is almost a matter of edging, the suspense is whether there will be a new 8K model.



Sony, who is the leader in the high-end TV market, has already prepared the X1 Ultimate chip, which is born for 8K. Mr. Takagi Ichiro, senior executive vice president of Sony Group, also said that Sony is fully capable of mass production of 8K TV, but the timing is not yet mature. What is certain is that it will definitely catch up with the time schedule of the Tokyo Olympics. Well, I believe that we will see the true face of Sony 8K on AWE 2019.


Having finished 3S and LG, as a representative of OLED technology, LG is likely to launch a new 88-inch 8K OLED TV, because as a supplier of OLED panels, LG Display has already demonstrated its 88-inch 8K OLED in various occasions. The panel, as a 'home' company, LG is the first to introduce 8K OLED TV. After the international big names have consumerized 8K concept products, the market effect achieved must be a sensational level. In fact, our local companies, TCL, Skyworth, and Konka have also demonstrated the 8K concept model, if it is displayed and announced mass production next year at AWE. The year 2019 will be the first year of consumer-grade 8K, which is far greater than the popularity of the concept. After 5 years, the industry has reached a new level in resolution! AI era is not just voice control after defeating Ke Jie from 'Alpha Dog', AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be said to be completely fired. Even friends who don't know technology know that this is a cow X. In the TV circle, artificial intelligence has been popular for 2018 since 2017, and it will still be a hot word for AWE 2019. Artificial intelligence technology is born out of voice control, but artificial intelligence is more advanced, especially the recognition and execution ability of complex languages is significantly improved. In the past few years, some of the artificial intelligence technologies introduced by TV were limited to simple voice interactions, such as power-on, volume operation, and video search. But now the artificial intelligence has been able to achieve multi-scene and deep question answers through technical improvements.




Liu Weizhi, president of Skyworth Group, said that the evolution of artificial intelligence TV has shifted from passive intelligence to active intelligence in the past, and can even replace people for thinking, decision-making, and execution. Wang Cheng, vice president of TCL Group, said that in the future, based on big data, multi-modal perception, and machine learning capabilities, there will be more rich application scenarios presented to users. Television is more than just a living room audio and video equipment, it will become the center of the user's time plan. Although the application stage of AI on TV is still in its infancy, as the most important screen in the family, it has the ability to 'speak'. Television is clearly the 'person' in family life that best interacts with us through images and sounds. After solving the problem of 'letting him distinguish what we are talking about', being able to 'understand' and 'perform as understood' is the pain point that AI TV needs to solve now.



If this is, you may wish to give a 'chestnut'. For example, we can say to the TV, 'I want to see other TV dramas performed by the actor of the filial piety of the emperor,' or 'give me the best crayfish within five kilometers of the home.' Dialogue In the past, TV was generally unmanageable, but the current artificial intelligence system has been able to understand and execute through an online search and deep learning functions. Of course, this is not the end. We have reason to believe that the ultimate form of AI application on TV is far from coming. Samsung of foreign capital has Bixby, domestic Skyworth and TCL have 'Xiaowei' and 'small T'... Every time we release new products, we will find that TV is actually 'smarter'. When AWE arrives 5 months later, maybe It will be a collective appearance after the 'smart TV' grew up.




Written here, this subtitle has not yet been completed. The application of AI is not only about learning interaction, but also doing a lot of things for improving image quality. For example, Skyworth displayed the AI image quality chip on AWE2018. This chip includes image quality enhancement techniques such as “precision smoothing”, “dynamic target reshaping” and “super 4K supplement”. Search and identify image objects through AI technology. And refactoring to accurately improve image quality and restore high-quality images. Samsung also released the 8K AI TV chip in New York this year. Through AI artificial intelligence, the image quality of the same content is analyzed, and the technical differences between the two are learned, and a huge database is formed. Based on this analysis, MLSR will provide the best filter effect, all the optimization of the input side content in brightness, black field, imaginary, and other issues, transform the low-resolution image into a high-resolution effect comparable to 8K.In fact, Sony's X1 chip has always had such a function on all versions, but there is no big preaching, we will not give examples here. I believe that when the AI tide comes, artificial intelligence will change our lives from all aspects. AI TV will have a collective outbreak on AWE next year! OLED & QLED against the camping fact, every TV is a combination of multi-technique, the same 8K resolution, the same as AI TV, but it may belong to two technology lineups, the topic of OLED and QLED is a commonplace. However, it is still necessary to mention that after 2018, the pattern of the two camps is further clear! The OLED camp with Skyworth and Sony as the 'big brother' has been further expanded. In addition to 'home' LG Electronics, there are currently Philips, Konka, Changhong and other small partners, Panasonic and Hisense's OLED products have not been sold in China. The representatives of the quantum dot camp are two international big names, Samsung and TCL.







No one has stopped. If 8K and AI are in common, the two camps also have core weapons. The change in the form of the TV has always been the killer of the OLED camp. Although the curved TV has been defeated, the curling TV can be slammed. LG Display has exhibited a number of prototypes of rollable OLED TVs. After more than a year of fermentation, mass production products are ready to go. LG Electronics is the 'most determined partner' Skyworth will become the first person to eat crabs. In addition to being curlable, CSO screen sound technology is another weapon of OLED. The technology was first realized by Sony on A1 TV, which caused the industry to exclaim, and high-end consumers are eagerly awaiting. After more than a year, many OLED manufacturers have mastered this technology, and Skyworth has launched the mass production product W80. It is predictable that on the AWE2019, OLED TVs with screen sounds may not only be the two patents.




In the quantum dot camp, one advantage is that it can achieve 8K display on a relatively small screen. In addition, the two companies will certainly further deepen their brightness, color rendering volume and HDR image. The high-brightness and high contrast HDR image will definitely make everyone impressed.

Highly creative period


As the largest exhibition stage in China and the world, the above three trends certainly cannot cover the future of the industry. Evolution is an eternal topic in the black electricity industry. At the same time, the space available for imagining the AWE stage is enormous, and we might as well make some conjectures.


Hisense is an advocate of laser TV and will continue to hold the banner of laser TV on AWE. The outstanding performance of laser TV in the big screen market is obvious to all, and many companies are also following up in the segmentation field. The laser TV with the monochromatic color wheel or two-color color wheel is still not the final form. Will we see the laser TV of RGB three-color laser source on AWE2019



HDMI 2.1 has been released, it supports video resolutions up to 10K, 120Hz frame rate. The current 8K player is also to use four HDMI 2.0 cable and 8K TV link, then the TV with HDMI 2.1 interface will not appear in AWE 2019


Samsung has released a 146-inch Micro LED TV. Micro LED also has its unique advantages. Will it find its place in the OLED and QLED?



In addition to image quality, the improvement of sound quality is also the focus of many brands. After split design, sound bar piggy backing, cooperation with famous audio brands, and Direct Dolby Atmos technology, what is the enthusiasm for TV manufacturers to meet the 'ear enjoyment' level?




TV is not only a screen but also a home. For example, Samsung Q9C's minimalist body design, ultra-narrow bezel, wall-mounted design and a new environmental screen mode (AMBIENT-MODE), echoes the surrounding environment and becomes a home art. TCL released the XESS floating window full scene TV, the living window, which subverted the TV wall and created a new aesthetic design. On AWE 2019, we will also see how many TVs of different shapes are combined to embellish our homes.


The guess is far from stopping! I hope to throw a brick to attract jade! The most competitive field in the entire home appliance industry is the area where the number of new technologies is endless. The harsh market situation forces all enterprises to seek new changes, and only the strong people can survive. As the vane of industrial innovation, AWE must carry the mission of witnessing this process. The stage has been set up and only waits for the big show to debut. If you do not come to AWE, then you are not in mainstream; if you do not look at AWE, then you must OUT!

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