AWE key exhibitor conference meeting was held in Beijing. The organizer and the company discussed the development plan.


Today, the annual AWE key exhibitor exchange meeting is held in Beijing as scheduled. As the organizer of the China Household Electrical Appliance Association, the leaders of the China Household Electrical Appliance Association are all present. I hope that through this conference, we will fully communicate with key exhibitors to help exhibitors better enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the exhibition and maximize the platform value of AWE.





During the conference, we introduced the ideas and measures of AWE2019 to exhibitors.


Focusing on 'Falling in love with AI · Smart Life', AWE2019 will continue to showcase the latest achievements in the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data with the home appliances and consumer electronics industries, and will be more diversified.






AWE has already reached cooperation with important partners such as China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and 36 Krypton. In the future, AWE will gradually expand its intellectual life and become a comprehensive smart life platform covering smart home, smart travel, smart entertainment and so on.



AWE 2019 will continue to strengthen international investment, cooperation and promotion. In addition to promoting cooperation and reporting from overseas media, twitter, Facebook and other media in the promotion, the organizers will also deepen cooperation with national ambassadors and overseas industry associations such as the Japan Electrical manufactures' Industry Association (JEMA) and the Association for modern kitchen Germany. (AMK); at the same time, the international lineup of exhibitors will be upgraded again in 2019.



In addition to the promotion of the online and offline full media matrix throughout the year, AWE2019 has also been optimized and upgraded in key activities. Home Appliances Development Summit Forum of China will continue to cross-border upgrades. In 2019, we will introduce China's top investor resources and industry observers, not only to explore industrial development, but also to present an annual feast of ideas. China Real Estate Fine Decoration Frontier Forum, AWE will work with the China Real Estate Association and the Association for Modern Kitchen Germany (AMK) to create a new kitchen concept with the theme of “German Modern Kitchen”. As a home appliance and consumer electronics industry, Oscar has always been the vane of the industry's development trend. It is the most influential product review and recognition event in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics. It has a high level of products and a wide coverage, representing the annual home appliances and The highest level of technology and the most fashionable design in the consumer electronics field. This year's Epland, we will also introduce international jury and media observation groups to achieve the optimization of the awards and value.




In addition, we are concerned that the company has a very rich brand promotion needs during the entire preparation and exhibition of AWE. Therefore, we have also integrated the AWE2019 communication channel and rhythm to help you to promote the comprehensive promotion.


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As everyone knows, the AWE2019 booth is very tight and it is hard to find a place. Due to the limitations of the venues, it is impossible to carry all the enterprises to expand the area and increase the display demand in 2019. But the organizers promise that in 2020, we must fully meet the needs of more enterprises.。






At the end of the conference, the leaders fully listened to the valuable suggestions and opinions of exhibitors on the development, promotion, service and upgrading of the exhibition. The conference ended in a peaceful atmosphere.


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