It was said by Tencent Digital News on August 16th that, Sony was officially released a new generation new product A9F OLED TV and Z9F LED TV in China, and launched a new “MASTER Series”, known as “Huadi” in Chinese name. The new “MASTER Series” new products are equipped with X1 Ultimate image processing chip, which is said to make the image quality approximate professional monitor. The price of new flagship new product A9F OLED TV starts from RMB 22, 999 while Z9F from RMB 19, 999, published in China for the first time.

Sony said that, “MASTER Series” is the pronoun of middle and high-end flagship products among its all televisions. It has strict assessment criteria within the company and thus owns more excellent image quality compared to more types. In particular, it approximates to the level of professional-level monitor BVM-X300 in terms of image resolution, color depth, color range, and brightness, which let the creator's intentions appear in front of the consumer

The two new LED TV products of “MASTER Series”, A9F and Z9F, all equipped with the 4K HDR imagine processing chip X1 flagship version. It has had a doubled improvement in terms of performance. Its Object-based Super Resolution can intelligently detect and analyze a certain subject in the image. What’s more, Sony also further optimize the HDR dynamic image - casting techniques which can independently repair the digital of each object in the image so as to bring a better quality image and clear and precise material. And at last, it gives more vivid images.

Acoustic surface which attracted a lot of attention last year has also been advanced. It has formed 3.2 audio track by adding center channel and thus provides a sound like in the cinema.




Flagship-level TV A9F OLED is equipped with all high-end image technology of Sony. The new Pixel Contrast Booster is the OLED control panel technology that is owned by Sony own. It can make the color scope become wider under the situation of high brightness and therefore improve the dynamic scope to the largest extent. It restores more texture details in the images.

A9F OLED TT also is equipped with new upgrading screen sound technology, which has added a driver and an extra bass sound track based on the A1 series screen sound technology of last year. Thus, the 2.1 sound channel in the past has been improved into the entire 3.2 sound channel. At the same time, A9F is also equipped with center speaker and thus make the screen sound technology be the central speaker in family cinema system.


And LED flagship new product Z9F TV adopts the new broad vision technology, which can effectively release the partial color situation that occurs when watching from side angle of the traditional television. It will bring real color to audiences wherever they sit. Besides, the equipped bright dynamic technology can make Z9F TV reduce dynamic fuzzy and at the same time ensure the brightness and definition of image.

It is known that, the new “MASTER Series” of Sony, A9F 4K HDR OLED TV, owns two sizes, namely 55 inch and 65 inch with price of RMB 22,999 and RMB 32, 999 while Z9F 4K HDR LED TV owns 65 inch and 75 inch with price of RMB 19, 999 and RMB 31, 999. All new products were released in China for the first time.

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