• Jiang Feng

    Through several years of unremitting efforts, AWE has become one of the three largest appliance and electronics exhibitions in the world, the same level as IFA and CES, and a spectacular stage for showing the strength of Chinese appliance and the mien of global appliance!

  • Weng Wuyue

    AWE, as the world’s influential appliance exhibition, not only displays the cutting edge appliance products, but also set ups a quality platform for our regional distributors to communicate with national and global appliance production enterprises.

  • Fang Hongbo

    I hope to show more Midea changes and development to colleagues inside and outside the industry through AWE, make contribution to the development of China appliance industry through internal efforts during the transformation and upgrading to the new normal of economy and industry, and display the mien of China appliance manufacturing.

  • Liang Haishan

    As a typical representative of China manufacturing industry, Haier keeps transferring and speeding up to seek for changes and innovation. We are glad to pass in review on the platform of AWE, which catches the time, and create new myths that Haier encourages and drives innovation in the era of Internet.

  • Lan Ye

    We have cooperated with AWE for three times. I deeply feel AWE has become increasingly abundant and a veritable comprehensive appliance exhibition with global influence. is very willing to exchange with more excellent enterprises in-depth and learn from each other through this platform.

  • Moon-bum Shin

    LG exhibited in AWE2015 5k giant-screen television, washing machine combining cylinder with impeller and other new whole series of appliance, and held grand product launches for two years in a row. The influence of the AWE makes LG products that blends together the cutting-edge technology and innovative design get more attention.

  • Isao Sakai

    In the future, SHARP will bring more good products for Chinese consumers, in addition to continue to introduce Japan’s domestic and original imported appliances, what is more important is that it will make commodities more suitable to Chinese users for more quality and convenient lifestyle, and AWE will be our constant choice.

  • Jin Yontak

    In AWE2015, Samsung made an unprecedented input to 700 square meters of pavilion to show its latest products, on which it attracted the attention of the industry. Along with the expanding influence of AWE, Samsung will continue to increase its input.

  • Roland Gerke

    Siemens has taken part in AWE for many years, witnessing the growth of AWE to one of the three largest international appliance and electronics exhibitions, which also proves that it‘s a good choice for Siemens to cooperate with AWE!

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